why do youtubers make 10 minute videos

Why Do YouTubers Make 10-Minute Videos & Longer Than That? [Truth Explained]

by Rey Sagar

Have you ever seen on YouTube where the creators are making longer videos most of the time.

And you were just beating your mind like why do YouTubers make 10 minute videos or 20-30 minutes videos?

Is that good for the YouTube algorithm? Or do they make more money by doing that?

Well, there are a bunch of things, why do YouTubers do that still in late 2021, and there are some changes to the YouTube algorithm.

Maybe that’s why many people don’t make 10 minutes videos from now on.

Still, YouTube supports longer videos, which will stick users to keep themselves on the platform much longer, which is good for YouTube to run ads and get more engagements.

But still, you want to know why do YouTubers make their videos 10 minutes, right?

So let’s dive a little deeper into that.

Why Do YouTubers Make 10 Minute Videos? Explained

The first main reason,

Why Do YouTubers Make 10 Minute Videos is because when YouTube Creators hit 10 mins of videos, then YouTube used to allow creators to add ads in the middle of their videos.

Which potentially helps them to make more money from the ads.

When your video is 10 minutes or longer, YouTube is used to give you the option to place more than one ad on whichever part of the video you want, completely manually.

So when you can air only one ad on videos less than 10 minutes, you can put one at the start, one at the end, a few in between the video when it’s more than 10 minutes.

Consequently, airing more than one ad on the same video gets you more AdSense money.

But in 2019 YouTube changed the algorithm and the milestone is now reduced to 8 minutes, which is good for creators if you are one of them.

Note: It’s easy to abuse the system. Just don’t forget about your audience and although make the most of it, don’t go completely nuts and put like 8 ads on a 8minute video. good luck.

That's why do YouTubers make their videos 10 minutes in the past but not they mostly make 8 minute or longer,

Now let's see the another reason why do YouTubers make their videos 10 minutes or longer still in 2021.

why do youtubers make there videos longer than 10 minutes


Second reason, why YouTubers make 10 minute video is because of YouTube’s algorithm.

If you don’t know the basic algorithm of YouTube, If you have long videos your video rank higher than the one that has shorter videos.

The main reason behind that is you do have a better chance to keep your audience way longer on the platform than the one who has shorter videos.

This is good for YouTube as well as for your revenue because you can run more ads on the longer videos, so it’s a no-brainer.

Let’s take this example: If you have a 5-min-long video and every single viewer watches your whole context without any skip(It doesn’t happen 99.99% of the time, just take it as an example).

Now, the other creator has a 10-min video and only got 55-60% watch time of their entire content.

So their videos will still rank higher than a video that is 5 minutes and even though people only watch 55%-60% of the entire video and leave it.

Because the 10 minutes video is good at keeping people on YouTube 30sec – 1 minute longer than you, hence more watch time.

That’s why do YouTubers make there videos longer than 10 minutes now.

For me, you should have 20-30 minutes of content, which YouTube likes a lot, but you need great information in it to get more watch time.

Otherwise, people not going to watch it.

So you’re better off making shorter videos if you don’t have so much information to share on a single video.

Why does YouTube promote 10 minute videos?

First, know what YouTube really wants?

They just want to keep you watching videos as long as possible, as simple as that.

And it’s absolutely okay, since YouTube is a business, and just like any other businesses out there on the internet like social platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or more.

They all are aimed to make customers consume more of their product and stick with their platforms.

On YouTube, the watch time is the most vital and making money from a video.

For each category of video, there is a range of time that is expected and will have a good watch time.

For example, the average video (Colab, challenge, news story, etc) should usually be over 3 minutes and definitely under 7.

The 10 minute video that was promoted was probably gaming or a vlog.

These generally range from 10 to 20 minutes.

The video you saw (if gaming/ vlog) was in the very low end of this, thus having good watch time. This gives it better add revenue and activity amount, other things that make it a good option to be promoted.

The other likely reason the video was shown to you is that it’s a good pick due to your history on YouTube.

The algorithm knows what content produces the best watch time and interactions for you, and shows you these videos.

How much more you will earn on 10 min vs 5 min video?

Let’s say a 5-minute-long video has an unskippable ad at the beginning and at the end of the vid. Also, you earn x-cents for each ad.

That runs on that video every single time viewers what the content.

So that’s 2x-cents every time both of the ads appear on the 5-minute video.

why do youtubers make their videos 10 minutes


On the other side, if you have a 10-minute-long video (Now an 8-minute video can support multiple ads)— where you can add more than 3 ads where ever you want manually.

Let’s say these ads are the same unskippable ads from the beginning and the end of the 5-minute video.

You might earn from 2x up to 5x cents in total.

Which is double or more than double income.

So you can imagine how much more money that you can make if you have millions of views with a 10-minute(8-minute) video compared to the 5-minute videos.

That why do YouTubers make 10 minute Videos or longer, and you should too.

Can I earn from YouTube to make under 2 minutes video?

Well, you can, but it is not so good for your channel development.

Most of the time, in terms of the video content, a 10-minute video can be more informative than shorter videos.

Which will keep people staying long when watching the 10-minute video, leading the video ranking at a higher position, which I told you just earlier.

When compared to the short one (of course, it is just one factor affecting the video ranks), so that the 10-minute video will be more valuable in terms of business.

And Now,

For YouTubers to earn money, one of the most important ways is to get sponsored, then put the sponsor’s ads in the videos.

Take the coin’s supplier FIFACOIN as an example,

YouTubers are required to put the intro for at least 10 seconds at the beginning of the video, and also put its banner in the video for several seconds, wherever they can put it.

So, if it is a shorter video, such as a 2-minute video, people will feel disgusted with the ads there, but if it is a video of 10 minutes or longer, it will be more comfortable when viewing that same ad.

Make sense right?

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