why do youtubers have multiple channels

Why Do YouTubers Have Multiple Channels? Should You Have It? [Why It’s Important?]

by Rey Sagar

In this modern century, the internet is growing so fast for a good reason. And YouTube is one of the platforms where we watch a lot of content and also learn a lot of things.

If you watch a lot of videos on YouTube, a lot of content creators have more than one channel, sometimes even more.

And certainly, you might be wondering why do YouTubers have multiple channels? Can you have multiple YouTube channels too? Can I use one AdSense account for multiple YouTube channels? & lastly, what are the benefits of having multiple YouTube channels?

In this article, we are going to give you all the benefits of having two or multiple YouTube channels.

Also, tell you why do YouTubers have managers? Mostly bigger YouTubers. And do you also need one, or you can do everything by yourself?

So take a leap of faith and enjoy reading, and if you have anything on your mind you can tell in the comment section below we’ll be happy to know your thoughts on it.

Can you have multiple youtube channels? [with one email]

Yes, you can have multiple YouTube channels with one email.

There is no issue with creating multiple YouTube channels under one Gmail account.

But for every new channel, you have to gain views, popularity, subscribers, etc. You can create up to 50 channels under one Gmail account.

Which is plenty enough even though you want to cover every single niche out there in the world.

Strike on one channel does not affect other channels.

But you should be careful about your channel as YouTube is disabling many channels without any notice if they found any inappropriate thing on your channel or videos.

Also, If you don't know about this, Google allows only one AdSense account for every single user, so your all YouTube channel going to have the same AdSense account.

NOTE: If anything goes wrong with your AdSense account, it will eventually affect all of your monetization of every single channel that you own with that AdSense account.

So be aware of that too.

Why do youtubers have multiple channels? Facts

The answer to this question,

For sake of argument, let’s say it is metal detecting or bird watching.

In those circumstances, they have a largely young audience for one channel and a much wider age range for another channel, and the likelihood of crossover whilst it exists probably isn’t huge.

In another example,

let’s say the first channel is about DIY and the second channel is about gardening.

Here, there is more likely to be a much greater crossover, and also the demographic of the audience is likely to be older.

In those circumstances, it is more likely that keeping the content together on one channel will produce the best results.

There have been instances where YouTubers have split their channels and have lost subscribers from both because audiences didn’t know which one to subscribe to,

so it isn’t always a good thing.

Why do youtubers have multiple channels?

That being said, here are

The benefit of having multiple YouTube channels:

And why do YouTubers have more than one channel.


People subscribe to a channel because they think that channel will put out good videos in the future, and they want those videos.

They determine this by looking at the previous videos or the creator’s reputation.

When a channel has a random collection of videos, it is harder for people to decide to follow it.

For example, if you have a vlog, then a cooking video then a Let’s Play video game they don’t know what to expect.

So one benefit is by having a channel that focuses on one topic, it makes it easier for people to subscribe.

It also helps the YouTube algorithm suggest more of your videos.

If you have 20 cheerleading videos, when someone watches 1 cheerleading video, YouTube will recommend more of your videos.

If you have a random collection, if your viewers watch your cooking video, YouTube will recommend other cooking videos that are not your video.

The downside to multiple channels is dividing your effort. You have to get to 1,000 followers again. You have to make twice as many videos to be consistent.

Should I make a separate youtube channel for vlogs? Answer

Yes, you should unless you already have a lifestyle type of channel.

Or the second option, why not fuse them both and make vlog tutorials.

You can test it out if it works.

Then make a separate playlist for the other videos.

Those who want to follow you will watch all the content, and those who want the other content can hit up the playlist and watch the educational content there (without the vlogs).

If that doesn’t work, sure you should make another channel.

Why do youtubers have managers? Answer

Well, you don’t need any type of manager most of the time.

However, If you’re popular enough or have money to throw around trying to be more popular, and upload more content over time. I can see where some different kinds of management might be valuable.

For example, if you were taking in significant amounts of cash, a business manager could help you invest that cash and avoid potential legal and tax risks.

A marketing manager could help you establish and maintain a particular image and brand. If you have celebrity status, a talent manager might be really important.

I think the key is to focus on what you do best, and if the other stuff becomes difficult to manage or is taking too much time from your primary mission,

It might be a good idea to get someone else to manage that stuff.

Can I use one adsense account for multiple youtube channels? Know

The answer to all those people who still stuck in this situation.

YES, you can add two or more YouTube account to your one google AdSense account.

It means you can link more than two YouTube channels to AdSense account easily without any restriction.

YouTube does not use any limits that you can’t add another YouTube account with AdSense.

You just need to associate your YouTube channel to your existing Google AdSense account and your almost work is done.

Can I use one adsense account for multiple youtube channels

To connect your YouTube channel to your AdSense account, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube and Login Your Account. Click on Your Image, Choose Subscription in Drop Down Menu.
  2. You see additional Feature Below and Click on ‘View Additional Feature’ Now the Page is the Main Page on Where We Work.
  3. Click on View Monetization Setting Where You See the Six Question Below Now Click on “How Will I be paid ?” It Expands in Two Line Where You find the Association AdSense Account Click on It.
  4. Click on NEXT
  5. Now Time to Select the Existing AdSense Account.
  6. Now You See the Screen, Select ‘Use a Different or new Google Account’ rather than Click on the Same Google Account that You Associate with YouTube.
  7. In the Next Step, It Will Ask You that Google Account that is Already Associated with AdSense Enter Email & Password Hit Enter, and It Will Redirect Where They Said You want to show ads on YouTube URL and Click NEXT and Then on Next Click Accept.
  8. Now It Will Successfully Associate with Your Already Existing AdSense Easily Now Google show you a for “Successful Association”.
  9. Click Next and Sign in to Your Previous Google Account. Now the Process is finished.

There is no problem with associating two or more YouTube channels with one Google AdSense account.

So, It is not against the AdSense Policy, you can freely add two YouTube account with a single AdSense.

Final Thoughts

So, It’s clear that the most sustainable channels focus on their niche and don’t stray.

TV teaches us that we know what to expect from a channel.

It’s easy to understand the content of channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, History, etc. Some sailing around the world channels also has additional food, fashion, and art-focused channels.

This means their audiences can buy into the additional interests of the channel owners if they wish.

It does mean that feeding multiple channels involves a lot more work. So most secondary channels are somewhat less frequently updated.

It all depends on how much time and resources you have to invest in secondary channels.

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