Why Do YouTubers Ask For Likes, Comments, Subscribers & Donations? [Truth Behind]

by Rey Sagar

If you watch YouTube videos a lot, then you might have already seen most of the YouTubers used to ask for likes, comments, subscribe, or even turn on notifications of their channels.

And you are here kind of wondering why do YouTubers ask for likes and subscribers? Does liking a video on YouTube help to get more views or make more money?

Also, some YouTubers also ask for donations to help grow their channel.

Now, everything is happened for a reason, right? But you don’t know what it is and kind of want to know why, the hell in the world, why do YouTubers beg for likes so much.

If you are at that position, then don’t worry, we are here to give you the every single answer of those questions that comes up on your mind.

And we are pretty much sure you’ll be able to understand why do YouTubers beg for subscribers. The actual truth behind it.

Why do youtubers ask for likes & thumbs up?

Now, you have seen a lot of YouTubers, always used to say can I get this many likes? Or hit the thumb ups in the videos, which is kind of important, if you are a YouTuber.

Even though you don't say something like that, you'll get those likes, but if you say it, there is more chance that viewers going to click on that like button.

Before I tell you why do YouTubers ask for likes and subscribers, I just want to clarify they will not going to make money from your likes, comments, or any subscribers.

The only factor to make more money is getting more views, nothing more than that.

But it's not as simple as it sounds. To get those views and a lot of engagements, liking, commenting, sharing does help a lot, which means indirectly it will help their channel grow.

why do youtubers ask for likes and subscribers

The basic answer to this question is: Likes, comments, and shares, tell the YouTube algorithm, How many users appreciate their content.

If the channels has a high user engagements rate, It will lead to more visibility, which will help them to get more views.

That means, They have more fame, more followers and more money.

This is because it helps the algorithm decide which type of content to prioritize and recommend on YouTube.

The algorithm decides that if content has a large amount of watch time per user, has a high level of engagement (likes, dislikes, comments, etc.), that it’s worthy of getting more attention on the YouTube.

That also means there is something people want to see and finding useful, so YouTube take that as good or relevant content to recommend with more viewers.

This additional attention from the algorithm can result in more views, especially “monetized views”, which make up a significant percentage of the views on a YouTube Partner’s videos.

These “monetized views” directly pay creators, as they’re the result of advertisements being played on a video (thus generating revenue through the Google AdSense).

This revenue is paid out to the creator by their Google AdSense platform.

In the other side,

likes also helps YouTubers to make more contents in the future, because they feel more motivated by seeing people are appreciating their contents and finding it useful. That’s why do YouTubers ask for likes, A.K.A. beg for likes.

Why do YouTubers ask for subscribers?

So you already got the answer of why do YouTubers ask for likes, and why do YouTubers also beg for subscribers too?

The simple answer is: They just want to grow the channel.

Let’s take it as I’m a YouTuber and the benefit to viewers as a subscriber is, they get notified when I release a new video.

The number of subscribers doesn’t tell the full picture, but it can tell something — more subscribersmore chances for visibility of my content.

why do youtubers ask for subscribers

For me, when I ask viewers to subscribe, and they do subscribe, then I know my content resonates with them. If they don’t, that’s okay too because not everyone likes your content or wants to see every single video in the future.

Maybe, they watched one of my videos, and it helped them solve a problem, that’s all, but they don’t really like the rest of my videos.

If I don’t ask, then there is a big possibility that a large percentage of viewers will Not subscribe to my channel. Sometimes people do things when you ask them to do right.

Some day, some subscribers may no longer like or need what I post, then they unsubscribe.

It’s okay, too, because then I know either my topic’s interest or turn off my viewers. But it is one metric to keep track of.

Having a million subscribers is nice to have, but is a vanity metric.

It will impress those that don’t know much about YouTube, who can only see those numbers. Whether the subscribers are engaged or not? That is another metric on YT.

Subscribers are vital for growing your brand and earning revenue. It will notify users whenever you upload new content and if you get more views, watch time, and engagements, in the beginning, there is a big chance that your videos get more views later on.

Because you already have a numerous audience[subscribers] who know about you and want to see more things from you, which leads to more sponsorships on the channel, more brands want to be partnered with you.

That will help to generate passive income apart from YouTube itself.

That’s the way the YT algorithm works, basically.

It’s the same reason

  • why advertising campaigns run to sell something,
  • why a church asks for money,
  • why salesmen sell, and
  • why scammers call you to scam you.

We are just motivated to make more money and get more fame [That’s the truth]. That’s why do YouTubers ask for subscribers!

Why do YouTubers ask for donations?

Actually, YouTube monetization doesn’t pay well unless you are among the top YouTubers, who makes a lot of money through their ad revenue and sponsorships.

You might be thinking, they kind of look rich, It’s just because they get the free stuff to promote on their channel by the different brands, or they negotiate deals.

This is actually where they get most of their income.

Fans donate because they want to support their favorite YouTubers. And they know that YouTubers are providing so much value with their content for absolutely free.

You need 1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours before entering the partner program.

Many YouTube creators can achieve this, but they are from ineligible countries, which means no money from monetization.

It is not sustainable to produce so much free content, YouTubers have bills to pay and a life to live.

This is why do youtubers ask for donations and fans help them by donating money. [If it’s not worth to donate someone then don’t do it, It’s totally up to you]

Why do many YouTubers have many subs, but very few views?

People usually subscribe to YouTubers for a reason, and if they put out a video that they have no interest in, people don’t watch it.

If a video came out related to YouTubers, they would most likely watch it, not everyone likes the same thing, right?

Also, some YouTubers don’t put content consistently that will also affect their views, because we all know YouTube is also a social platform just like Facebook or Instagram.

And if you are not consistent their algorithm doesn’t help you to grow on their platforms.

There are many reasons why they get fewer views over time, and here are some of the common reasons:

why do youtubers ask for donations

1. Subbot/bots

I assume people understand what is a subbot, but to those who don’t, a subbot so something anyone can buy for it to create bots to subscribe to your channel.

Even if you don’t own one yourself, subbot’s bots nowadays also subscribe to other channels to make it less obvious.

2. People lose Interest.

This is especially true for those who are famous for dramas or make children content (not all children content are bad!).

The viewer subscribes when they were younger, and when they grew up they lose interest, but they are simply too lazy to unsubscribe.

Also, some channels become popular for one type of content, and later on, the same channel is doing another thing that subscribers have no interest in, and they are not providing valuable content to their audience.

3. They only subscribe to specific content.

Most often or not,

YouTuber gains fame from a video that blew up. And if the YouTuber is unlucky, it is a content that either can’t be repeated.

The content that does not fit well with their other content, or there is something in that content that is not easy to replicate.

If that is so, people will subscribe and know his channel cause of that video, but won’t watch the rest of his video because they don’t like it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What do likes do for YouTubers?

YouTube's algorithm puts videos with the most hits towards the top of the search results.

The more hits, the more money the YouTuber can make from ad-revenue. Liking someone's video helps them get more hits.

When you like a YouTube video, that video is put on a playlist on your channel. It also puts that video in the feed of everyone who follows you.

Does liking a video on YouTube help?

Actually the likes and comment play a very important role in the growth of the YouTube channel.

When a video has more likes and social engagements. Then YouTube algorithm see that video is interesting and people are enjoying it.

Thus YouTube algorithm pushes the video more to other people in the recommended tab and suggested video. Thus the video is able to get more views. Hence helps the channel growth.

And More views will lead to better revenue.

Why do YouTubers ask to turn on notifications?

Well, when you click the bell button, you from then on get notifications for when that specific YouTuber puts out a video.

So, you are more likely to see that they posted a video, and to click on the nonfiction and watch that video.

And if you watch the video, then that YouTuber would most likely get more ad revenue and views, resulting in the YouTuber making more money.

They just wants us to “never miss their uploads.” and to watch their videos because if we watch, it will increase their watch time, essential for small YouTubers to enable monetization.

Why do YouTubers ask for comments?

The YouTubers usually ask the viewers to like, comment, and share the video at the beginning right after greeting.

If the viewers comment of their videos, they will get more engagements and eventually more views.

In the other side if you comment on their videos they will be able to know what to improve, how the video is and also get some motivation from if you do some good comments.

Why do YouTubers ask to watch ads?

The answer is pretty basic, YouTube ads which is run by the Google AdSense that's the place where YouTuber makes money by showing ads to the viewers.

So It's an obvious reason that they will tell viewers to watch their ads to make more money.

As simple as that...


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