Why Do You Want To Earn Money? Know What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online?

Why Do You Want To Earn Money? Real Key Benefits & Downsides

by Rey Sagar

Have you ever asked someone Why Do You Want To Earn Money? Probably not, but you might ask yourself, why should I earn money? What is the main reason that people talk about money a lot?

And more importantly, What To Do If You Want To Earn Money?

Then don’t worry, we are here to give you every single answer to those questions.

We have collected the researched data from a bunch of people, what they think about, why do we need to earn money, and how it’s going to help us to live free.

Everyone has a different point of view and different priorities in life, so it totally depends on the lifestyle and the circumstances that they were in.

For Example: If someone has in poverty then they want food on the table or maybe some sort of education for their children.

That’s the only thing they want in those situations and If you ask someone who is already rich then they might say I want to buy this or want to be a billionaire that’s why I want to earn money.

So, most of the time people have a different reason to be successful and make a lot of money depending on their mindset, priorities, and situation they were in.

Now let’s talk about every single answer to those questions one by one.

Why Do We Need To Earn Money? [Facts]

Money is absolutely necessary to sustain and live well nowadays.

But viewing money as a unit of time, that's a big problem almost every person is facing.

The idea that money buys time (it actually saves time, not buys it).

It is important when it comes to earning money and managing your time and pursuits personally, economically, that's not why money is so important.

The most obvious and fundamental point about money is that it solves the problems of barter by allowing for indirect exchange. But the importance of money, economically speaking, is even greater than that.

Now, If you say you want to keep yourself away from "normal" tasks like cooking, cleaning the house, watering your garden, or whatever, and get someone else to do all of them by using some sort of money.

A nice notion so that it allows you to do your most important daily task.


Is It Possible To Be Happy Without Money?

Only if the activity has a real value which eventually does not require any money. What I’m trying to say here is there are a lot of things which do not require money to do and also give you a great amount of good feeling while doing it.

There are also too many things that you can’t do without money, maybe you can manage here and there, but if you have money then it will be totally different.

Here is a list of possible actions that may not require money, but are viewed as worthy by some people.

They are free of charge whenever you want,

  1. Learning
  2. Discovering
  3. Caring
  4. Spirituality
  5. Helping
  6. Kindness
  7. Love

Here is a list of actions that usually require money,

  1. Women[not every time, but helps a lot]
  2. Success
  3. Having Power
  4. Traveling
  5. Taking Care Of Family
  6. Possessions
  7. Materialistic things

These are the reason that’s why do people earn money.

I think that my list is probably incomplete, so I would like any suggestions of things that are valuable but free of charge?

Let me know in the comment section below If you have any.

Why Do People Earn Money? [Economics View]

Money allows for economic calculation in monetary terms, and it is this that allows us to efficiently and productively manage resources and make our plans to better satisfy our needs and desires.

The economist Ludwig von Mises stresses that [economic] Calculation is absolutely necessary for an actor to determine the most advantageous allocation of scarce resources in a world in which resources are neither purely nonspecific nor absolutely specific to a wide variety of possible production processes.

Mises goes on to make an even more dramatic statement: "Market and therefore society is impossible without calculable action."

Here, I won't try to support that in this article, but it is supported in this essay: ⇒ Ludwig von Mises as a Social Rationalist

If Mises is right, then money is important because market calculation not only makes markets possible but provides a cornerstone that makes civilized society as we know it possible.

Our entire way of life is surprisingly shaped and widely determined by monetary calculation, which is only possible with money.

You may not get rich by reading Ludwig von Mises, but you will certainly have a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of money and economics, and that is bound to be useful background information, so you're not blindly trying to reach for your fortune.

That's why do we need to earn money from an economic point of view.

Why You Should Earn More Money? [Importance]

It is often said that money is not the most important thing in the world.

For many people, however, it is right up there next to air in importance. These are not necessarily overly materialistic people.

Rather, they simply understand the true value of money.

Money, in and of itself, is not very spectacular. What money can do for you is what is really important.

Money gives you freedom and choices. You can decide where and how you want to live when you have a good income or financial resources.

On the other hand, when you do not have much money, the choice may be something that you cannot afford. The choices available to you may not really be choices at all.

With money, you can often rule today’s materialistic world. If you have enough money, poverty will never approach you.

Contrary to what most people think, it is not money or the love of money which is the root of evil—it is greed, a love of power and authority, poverty, and a fear of want that is often the roots of evil in this world.

A lot of people globally postpone health checkups because they don’t have enough money to pay for health care bills. Again, money’s role in health maintenance is irrefutable.

Money plays a very crucial role in one's life.

If I start earning now by the time I attend 27 I will be financially secure and the most important thing is that I can be independent and be a helping hand to my family too.

The importance of money in human life is similar to the importance of food for the body. Just like you can’t live even for a few days without food, you can’t survive for long without money.

You can definitely solve most of your problems in life if you have an unlimited supply of money, like:

  1. You won’t be facing basic problems of life like food, water, shelter, or clothing.
  2. Furthermore, you can buy all items for your comfort like a house, Air-conditioners, TV and other household goods to live comfortably.
  3. You can engage many servants to take care of you and live like a king.
  4. You can buy a good house, wear good clothes and spend on the things you get pleasure from.
  5. Likewise, you can maintain your health even though you cannot rule your health. Money helps you with that.
  6. With modern healthcare increasing human longevity, money can help you to improve your health by letting you lead a comfortable, healthy lifestyle if you spend money on healthcare, whether it may be spending on diet and nutrition, working out, or just taking medication.

The only problem is that money does not come just like that to any person by any amount of wishing, praying, or wanting.

You have to work hard and compete with fellow human beings to earn money, as the supply of money is limited in this world, but the demand for money is unlimited.

Hence, money which is a solution to all problems actually becomes the root of all problems for most people.

Most people fail to strike a balance between earning and enjoying money. They believe that more money means more joy.

And they work day and night; make all sorts of compromises and suffer all types of pain in order to earn money in the hope that they would use this money to enjoy happiness soon.

However, for most people, such time never comes, and they die unhappy and dissatisfied.

Why You Should Earn More Money?

However, end of the day, money is not everything and there are other things that are more valuable in life.

Money is only a tool or medium to achieve happiness, it may not be the everlasting happiness in itself.

Let’s talk about some downsides of money:

  1. Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. – Ayn Rand
  2. Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. – Norman Vincent Peale
  4. Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. – P.T. Barnum
  5. If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. – Henry Ford
  6. If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough. – Vicki Robin
  7. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill
  8. Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become. – Arthur Schopenhauer
  9. If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed. – Edmund Burke
  10. You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. – Maya Angelou
  11. Money often costs too much. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hence, we must make money but keep the other necessary ingredients of life entangled in the process.

What To Do If You Want To Earn Money ?

There are a lot of ways to make money, but the basic fundaments of making money is providing value.

If your product, service or work doesn't have any value then people will not be going to pay you so my advice to all of you is developed skills so that you can give enough value to make a buck.

I've written great article on making multiple streams of income, where I gave step-by-step guide to make money which will be really beneficial for you if you want to make money in your early age.

So check that article⇑ If you have a question on your mind like what to do if you want to earn money? ⇑

Why Should I Earn Money? [Bitter Truth]

Think about once, Why should we need a bunch of green paper to buy things?

I like Ameer's time-unit philosophy, but I can't understand the OBSESSION we have with money.

How stupid we must look, running around the planet every day, scrambling for a bunch of green paper because everyone else says it's required to own things.

Green paper that HUMANS invented.

We get one life on this planet to live, love, learn, have fun, build relationships, and get as much out of this world as we can.

And instead, we lock ourselves up in offices all day to get the green paper? What a waste of your miracle of life.

Have you ever heard the story about the man who worked a lot, made a huge salary, invested his money, saved up, so he could live the life he wanted, and then BOOM - Died in a car crash which he never imagined.

What good is his money now? His time-units?

No amount of green paper can save you from death - no matter how rich or poor you are, death is the one thing that will put all of our lives to an end on this planet.

So live. While you're still alive.

Final Thoughts

In last, most people want to earn money so that, They don't have to depend on others for their needs.

Because we all know that Money is a source of interchange.

Most of the time, we feel secure to some extent if we have money with us, so we can use it when needed.

Some people also want to help others, do something for someone, or maybe they want to do charity, In that case, they should have sufficient money to live their lifestyle and still have enough money to help someone else.

In basic, That's why do people earn money, to become financially free, and be more flexible.


Disclaimer : This post has Its own point of view, All the data is collected from different resources and some economic experts, but that doesn't mean everything is right and correct. The information provided is for general and educational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice for your individual circumstances.

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