why are the missing 411 books so expensive

Why Missing 411 Books Are So Expensive? What Are The Real Facts? [Know-Everything]

by Rey Sagar

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Have you ever wanted to read some conspiracy book and looked online and suddenly found missing 411 series, and decide to buy it and when you look at the price tag what? I mean really? kind of wondered why are the missing 411 books so expensive?

are they made those books with gold leaf paper or putting some diamonds? lol, probably not. 😂😂

That’s why we are here to tell you why are the missing 411 books so expensive and also we’ll tell you where you can find the missing 411 books at a reasonable price.

But before that, Let’s talk a little bit about this book and what this book is all about. Also, What is the best missing 411 book for you let us know in the comment section below!!

The Missing 411 books contain a factual account of missing people that Paulides has identified from media reports – where, the circumstances, and whether they fit a cluster.

He focuses on the United States and Canada in his books, but he has produced YouTube videos of disappearances in Australia. He has also produced two films: Missing 411 and Missing 411 – The Hunters, which are worth a watch.

The Missing 411 books are factual, if rather dry, accounts of disappearances in North America. Delving further into some of the stories can throw up additional facts or a better interpretation of the facts.

But for lovers of missing people stories, it remains the best resource out there, that’s the only reason that they are too expensive?

let’s dive a little bit.

Note: Paulides has been intimidating and aggressive to many authors and website publishers, and this one is no exception with legal threats.

Now, let’s see the actual reason why are the missing 411 books so expensive and how can you get these books at a cheaper price if you are planning to buy one in the future.

Why are the missing 411 books so expensive? The Truth

Potential purchasers of his books have less price, and they can only be obtained from Paulides’ own website for $25.99 per book, as they have been self-published.

Some re-sellers like Amazon, eBay, or any other stores take outrageous fees.

That's why the reader community is so frustrated about the Missing 411 books series.

Because of the cost of the book and also the non-availability of its ebook format. Therefore, his fans are curious to know the answer to “Why are the Missing Books so Expensive?” what is the main reason behind that.

Additionally, they are mad too because they want easy access to the book but all in vain.

But don’t worry, we have a solution for you. That not only help you to read your favorite book from the missing 411 series but also gives you all the answers to your questions.

So, we have collected the top 5 reasons why are the missing 411 books so expensive by doing a bunch of research, hope you'll find useful:

1) Transportation Expenses:

If you check the price on the actual store, the price is not too much. It costs around $25, but the thing that makes it so expensive is the cost of its shipping. Because the author is strictly restricted to just their own website and doesn’t allow other sellers to sell it.

Interestingly, e-commerce stores like Amazon still sell it. And they are not authorized by the author himself so those stores charge more to the consumer according to the transportation cost.

Let's say, someone orders these books from outside the US, then the shipping cost is so stupid because it's gonna cost you more than a book's price itself.

So it's better you buy from the author's website, which we will talk about later on this blog.

2) Preeminence

This is one of the main reasons why are the missing 411 books so expensive and cost you so much.

Missing 411 Books series gives you the earliest observation of a consequential approach, idea, opinion, or character. That is plenty of value to the readers. The missing 411 books imply plot views that most readers worry would be degraded or edited to remove influential details.

Most of the stores sell these books at a high price because they know the importance of raw information before someone makes a new edition or reprints. Also, readers don't mind paying a premium price to get the original information to avoid toxic information later on.

3) Purchasing from the wrong shop:

The book itself is not that expensive though, as I said earlier, It costs around $25 only, but you have to buy from the original store, otherwise, it will gonna cost you 10 times more than the actual cost of the book. So it's better you buy from the right place, to avoid buying from international markets because the shipping cost and other taxes make it very expensive for you.

Some sellers take the benifit of the rarity and sensitivity of the information contained in the missing 411 books to sell them as high as $600 or even more. Therefore, if you are wondering why are the missing 411 books so expensive, chances are you buying from the wrong place.

4) Value Of Real-life Incidents:

Initially, the book was printed in limited numbers to avoid miss leading information issues. For this intent, they kept the cost very high, to make it safe and limited to genuine readers.

More on, the information that you'll find in the book is based on real-life situations about the disappearance of people in different areas, like North America, Canada, Western and Eastern America.

The author not only emphasized the narratives but also exposed sensitive and factual information about such mysterious incidents.

Due to the high-value nature of such information, it is only reasonable that it should be expensive and probably overpriced.

5) High Demand and Supply

This reason is no brainer as you know the main website is not user friendly at all and people don't want but if from that store as it's so difficult and confusing too.

So, when people want to buy it there are fewer books available than the counted users want so it's obvious that the selling store will increase the money because of the inflation.

Typically, If you know little about inflation and why the market price goes up and down. then you'll easily understand why this happens.

Now, to understand better, Demand and supply go hand in hand, both are connected together.

Why are the missing 411 books so expensive? because the demand for these missing 411 books is extremely high, and the books are printed very limited which is below expectations for real readers.

So, it totally makes sense that different vendors take advantage of this situation to increase prices and make significant profits[wow great move amazom].

The more people want to buy it and explore the mysterious incidents on highly sensitive facts; the more likely, the book price will go high over time.

How many missing 411 books are there?

There are 10 missing 411 books out there so far, along with the 2 Documentaries that called:

  1. Missing 411 (2017)
  2. Missing 411: The Hunted (2019)

Missing 411 books in order >> list

The missing 411 phenomena are mostly focused on Americans cases. Most of the cases are happening in the USA.

However, there are a bunch of cases that are found in other parts of the world as well, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

So what makes a missing person or disappearance case a “missing 411” qualifier. Most of the time it’s down to the strange circumstances of the person’s disappearance. Most of the time the missing individual is never found.

Which, considering many of the locations, and the extensive area search and rescue efforts to locate the missing person, is strange in itself. Although some investigators and casual researchers disagree.

And if the person is found, which is sadly, usually dead, the circumstances are very mysterious, to say the least. Many books have been written about the missing 411 cases and people going missing in the national parks.

One of the authorities on this subject is David Paulides.

The author has written 10 books so far, which are listed below.

List Of missing 411 books in order [by David Paulides]

  • Missing 411-Western United States and Canada: Unexplained Disappearance of North Americans that have not been solved (2012)
  • Missing 411-Eastern United States: Unexplained Disappearance of North Americans that have not been solved (2012).
  • Missing 411-North America and Beyond (2013)
  • Missing 411-The Devil’s in the Details (2014)
  • Missing 411-A sobering Coincidence (2015)
  • Missing 411-Hunters (2016)
  • Missing 411-Off the Grid (2017)
  • Missing 411-Law (2018)
  • Missing 411-Canada (2019)
  • Missing 411-Montana (2020)


  • Missing 411 (2017)
  • Missing 411: The Hunted (2019)

What Is The Missing 411 Story?

Where the hell has this been?

What I find odd about missing 411 cases is the clothes thing and that they often find the bodies laying in plain sight at locations searched dozens of times.

The weirdest ones are the young children that travel distances they couldn’t possibly travel by themselves with no tracks to show someone carried them.

Read Full Summery Of Missing 411

Why is it Called Missing 411?

If you don’t know about the missing 411 book series then let’s give you short info on why the book is called missing 411.

These series are complete books that mostly focused on vanishing people with real-life examples such as the disappeared people in national parks, North America, or outside of the US.

However, the book revolved around the uncommon missing of people instead of common missing.

So the book is called Missing 411, by itself.

Lastly, If you don’t know about the author of the book, he used to serve the police and remained in the investigation. So, his background matters too in this name.

Where can I buy Missing 411 books in cheap price?

Most of the time Dave recommends only buying directly from him, which they are only about 25$.

Here are some of the ways that you can buy the Missing 411 books:

David Paulides’s books are priced much more reasonably at the North American Bigfoot Search online store. For a heightened example, today’s Amazon price for “Missing 411 – Western United States and Canada” is (roughly) US $185.99,

While the same book is available from North American Bigfoot Search for $24.95.

I guess you’d have to factor in differences in postage costs to make an accurate comparison, but, regardless, the price difference seems quite astounding!

  • Buy Second Hand From eBay

If you don’t care about the new book and just want the information then buying a second hand is also a good option. The books are available on eBay. You will find it there, at a reasonable price.

In the past there is only one place where you can buy this book but, stores like amazon where other vendors used to buy a book from the original store and sell it at a much higher price. you can easily get all of the books on the missing 411 series on amazon.

You can also buy the book from this store. But I found it’s better to buy from amazon because their shipping is faster, also the price is very much similar.

  • Read From Local library

Paulides has said that you can try looking for the books in your local library or ask them to get them in. In that way, you’ll probably encounter the high international shipping prices and the cost of the book.

So, you can get a free read.

Little Note: Most of the local libraries have already this book on their shelves. So, you just need to check it.

Why doesn't David Paulides sell his Missing 411 books on Amazon?

Well, currently amazon is selling missing 411 books but at a very expensive price & the important fact is that the author himself is not selling that book.

He’s said numerous times that he doesn’t sell books via Amazon and anyone selling them is buying from him and marking them up.

Why not Amazon?

In an interview with WhereDidTheRoadGo in 2014, Paulides clarified why:

What’s happened is that we made the choice that we would stay with our website because we developed it and we put in the fees to use it.

That’s not a great reason, because the shipping to some places is prohibitive compared to Amazon’s shipping prices, which makes it harder to access the books.

It’s also surprising that they put in money to set up the website. I don’t mean to be critical, but the website isn’t very good. Someone should help him with that. Maybe get him going with WordPress.

That might help readers to navigate better.

What about Kindle?

You can’t have any access to digital copies.

When someone asked him about this when he took questions from people, he wrote:

We have no plans to place the books on any electronic media. We have had requests for 6 different ebook formats. We aren’t a publishing house and barely have the time to write books. The additional time to get the books in 6 different formats seems a distraction to our main purpose, more research.

When the Paranormal Central interviewer asked him about it, he replied:

No. They won’t be on kindle. I could barely manage the process as is. There is eight different forms of ebooks. I do one, and somebody is unhappy I didn’t do the seven others. I’m just not even going to touch that area.

Why Paulides did not allow these books into eBooks? he replied:

Nowadays, it is very easy to make changes and formatting in any eBook. That’s why he wants to sustain this original and avoid negative reviews.

Sources >>>

PokerSteve Atlanta Falcons forum describes Paulides's work:

He's an ex-cop who had gotten into investigations of Sasquatch, which apparently put him in many of the national parks out west. He then heard some stories regarding the unusually high number of people who vanish without any trace from our national parks.

Paulides carefully vets all the cases he discusses in his books chronicling these disappearances, which have been going on for more than a century, or for as long as the US has had national parks. He doesn't include accidents, animal attacks, possible suicides, people who might have wanted to disappear to start a new life.

The Park Service,

when queried apparently refuses to disclose how many missing they have had, but are quick to point out all the national parks entertain many millions of visitors each year without any problems of any kind. That's great, except for all the families who had a loved one disappear and never be seen or heard from again.

There are a number of things that all these disappearance share in whole or in part. It's a strange mixture of oddities that would not create a lot of stir when viewed one at a time, but when you sift through hundreds, then thousands of these cases where there is no trace found, you see there are definite patterns that emerge.

Here are a few of these strange things ~ people literally vanish in the twinkle of an eye. Parents will look away from their child for mere seconds, then turn around the child is gone without a whisper, without a trace, and the vast majority are never found again. Children who are found will often be found miles from where they went missing. Distances that an adult would have a problem trying to cover on foot walking down a highway, let alone a child from 2 or 3-years old stumbling through a thick forest in the dead of night.

These children,

will sometimes talk about being accompanied by a bear, or a wolf or some other animal which provides it with warmth and even perhaps a paw full of berries to eat. Others have no clear memory of anything that occurred after they vanished. Most are found without their shoes, but their feet aren't all torn up and bruised from covering rough terrain, climbing mountains, etc. But those are the lucky ones. Most of the children are never found, those who are found are usually dead.

But there are other strange elements to the missing children. Often they are found with their clothes neatly folded nearby. Some are found with their clothing put on backwards or inside out. When the children are found dead, there is no obvious sign of death; no animal attacks, stab wounds, bullet wounds, etc. and most all these deaths are attributed to exposure. Also quite often these children are found in areas that have already been searched, sometimes dozens of times. A search group will find a missing child lying dead across a well-traveled path they have used every day for a week to go to their search grid. Where was the child for the previous four or five days? Others are found dead in places that would have been impossible for them to have reached without help.

Another thing worthy of mention that makes these disappearances so much more puzzling is the massive manpower and resources often expended in the search for missing children, especially in the first week when it is more likely the child is still alive. Hundreds and thousands of trained search and rescue teams with planes and helicopters and volunteer searchers sometimes comb literally every inch of ground in a two-mile radius and beyond. Strangely, when tracking dogs are brought in to aid these searches, they either can't pick up a scent, or just lay down and refuse to search. Dog trainers say this behavior is completely bizarre for these animals love doing their job.

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