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7 Best Allotment Books For Beginners To Everyone [Must-Read For Crazy Ideas]

by Rey Sagar

There’s nothing more satisfying than eating vegetables you’ve grown yourself, and I’m especially happy with how my own garden has taken shape this year.

We all love growing vegetables by ourselves and sometimes it’s a bit tricky to do in a good way.

That’s why we are here to give you the list of best allotment books for beginners, that will help you to get more ideas to do things properly.

Also, you’ll learn so many tricks from great gardeners who have done amazing things by themselves on their own.

So, there have been numerous successes that I’d like to pass on as examples of easy-to-grow vegetables that anyone can grow in their garden or allotment.

It gives one a glow of satisfaction to pick, cook and eat produce from one’s own patch!

So what are you waiting for?

For those planning a new vegetable garden, I highly recommend you to read these best allotment books for gardeners like you, before you start from almost scratch.

Let’s check out these books on allotments for better gardening techniques in your yard.

7 Best Allotment Books For Beginners To Everyone

Before I give you the list of best allotment books, let's talk about a few benefits of natural vegetables.

If you’re growing vegetables and other edible produce, there’s no better pest control than the natural pest control provided by wildlife.

Encouraging birds and a range of predatory insects to your garden will help keep down the number of more unwelcome pests and could help to give you a better, bigger crop.

Growing vegetables and fruit can be really rewarding and there’s something which any garden can achieve, whether you have a full dedicated plot, or are simply growing in containers.

If you feel your garden is too small, or that the soil isn’t right for growing vegetables, you could try and get an allotment. The waiting lists are often quite long, but it’s well worth the wait!

So, allotments are a great way to grow fresh produce and meet people and get exercise and fresh air. Then why not try?

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1. Allotment Month By Month

This book is perfect for brand new gardeners.

It includes super helpful information. Also having the month-by-month guide tells you what to do and when to do it.

It is a very straightforward book to grow veg, fruit, and herbs in an allotment situation. Comes with lots of great photos, text frequently broken up by lots of headings to improve readability and it’s easy to skim through and find what you need.

It is divided into 4 sections:

Allotment know how – assessing the site, microclimate, plot layout, making beds, crop rotation, etc

Allotment calendar – bullet point list of top tasks to be done every month backed up by more detailed information of veggies available, sowing & planting, other jobs to be done, pests & diseases to look out for.

Crop planner – page entry per crop item with calendar to show sowing/harvesting times, info on where to grow, sowing & planting, tips on growing, harvesting and troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting – pests & diseases A-Z.

It’s not a complete guide on how to do everything, but it’s a valuable resource & highly recommended for beginners to everyone.

Best allotment book for everyone

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2. The Allotment Gardener’s Log Book & Journal

If you are looking for a book to track your allotment gardening process. Then this book is excellent for recording and planning allotment progress.

Unlike the first book on this list, this is only for recording your process not to get many ideas but it’s very handy if you like to track your growing process.

The 120-page handy allotment gardener’s logbook will allow you to track your allotment gardening, with prompted planting log pages and dot grid pages to draw out your project. 

You can also give gifts to people who garden on allotments.

In this logbook you will find:

  • You will get to write plant names, date of planting, watering requirements, & other important info.
  • It comes with a colorful and eye-catching cover
  • It has a perfect size for comprehensive planning

Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in journaling their gardening process.

Perfect allotment planner book

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3. The RHS Allotment Handbook

Just like the first book on this list, this also explains what to grow, how and where to grow it. 

Side note: This book is only recommended for beginners, unlike the Allotment Month By Month, which has a lot of information for every level of gardeners.

Using this book you can explore the best practices of growing advice, allotment life, and its numerous benefits.

The one good side of this book is, it also includes a month-by-month calendar of tasks to guide gardeners through the year.

The only downside is, I don’t recommend you to buy a Kindle edition, because It has a bunch of issues with formatting and loading pictures, so you better buy a paperback.

Great book if you are a newbie to growing vegetables.

Best allotment book for beginners

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4. The Allotment Book

Andi Clevely has been a working gardener for more than 35 years and has written more than 20 gardening books, including The Allotment Book and The Kitchen Garden Month-by-Month.

The great thing about this book is, It comes with a growing vegetable seasonal planner as well as very helpful as a cookbook.

It includes advice for picking crops and instructions highlighting

  • how to properly water and tend them,
  • how to prepare for extreme weather,
  • and a bunch of essential techniques as composting and crop rotation. 

You can gift someone who has a passion for the outdoors and a taste for food warm from the sun.

And if you are buying yourself then it’s a perfect book for both things in the same package.

Allotment planner + cookbook

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5. RHS Half Hour Allotment

Again great book for allotment owners.

It is easy to read and fairly understandable. Also, has a very simple language and makes allotment life more manageable, practical, realistic, and enjoyable

A good book to start off if you’re new to allotments, or if you want to make your current allotment life balance more workable.

If you are thinking,

There are better beginner books out there if you’re looking for how-to guides for core skills, but still, this brings a refreshing angle and doesn’t toe the usual allotment advice of doing everything from seed and building your shed from salvaged wood by hand.

It’s much more practical for people who have a lot of non-gardening commitments.

Short Allotment planner book

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6. Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden

What you can expect from the king of gardening?

In this book, he applies his extensive knowledge to get the most from your allotment with the great enthusiasm that you can’t wait to get down on your plot and start digging and planting!

if you are kind of wondering the book is a bit small then don’t worry,

all bases are covered and presented in a way that the complete novice can understand, but also, for the more experienced grower, provides useful info for example if growing a particular vegetable for the first time.

Also, includes interesting layouts & basic advice on the essential things but is not so in-depth, still in the way it covers information or planning.

Highly recommend it to anyone just starting an allotment.

Best allotment gardening book

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7. The Allotment Cookbook

Unlike the other books on this list,

This one is a great guide for seasonal cooking.

This includes plenty of ideas for what to grow on your allotment and what to do with it.

It comes with a good variety of skill levels and a great style of writing; easygoing and not at all pompous but still informative.

Pete Lawrence has a wonderful, romantic connection with the growing and therefore cooking of his crops.

His stories set you off into dreaming about the food you can grow and although the recipes sound a tad posh, it’s the simplest of ingredients that make them work so well.

Highly recommended for cooking lovers with great easy seasonal recipes and ideas for all those things you have a glut of or you’re not sure what to do with. 

Best allotment recipe book

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Final Verdict

AT this point you already got the list of the best allotment books for beginners to everyone.

Every book has a different aspect to see things and is made for different purposes. so it's good for you to take a look according to your needs.

Even if you are doing gardening for years you'll definitely find something useful in these books, that's why I highly recommend you to check them out for more ideas.

Lastly, you can get one of the books for ideas along with the logbook which is very handy to document your allotment garden with planning p.ages

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