why are melin hats so expensive

$1,200 For A Hat! Still Sell Out Every Year? [Know Everything About Melin Hats Truth]

by Rey Sagar

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$60 for a hat? Some Melin Hats cost $1200 — and they sell out every year.

What? That’s right!

Most of the melin hats on their store will set you back mucho bucks, but the question remains,

Don’t worry!! Don’t worry!! Don’t worry!!

We’ll tell you everything that you want to know about this product.

Before we talk about anything, I just want to make sure we are not a bias by the company or they are not paying us to say good things about their products.

And yes, the review will be honest from our side whether it’s good or bad.

So, stay with us at the end to find out everything about their products can it be your next perfect hat for everyday use?

Now, let’s see why are melin hats so expensive?

Why are melin hats so expensive? [The Truth]

Well, first for the most - They say the company title comes from a play on the title of a milliner.

A milliner is a term for a custom hat maker that dates back to 16th century Milan Italy.

If you wear hats much you may have noticed over the years that hat brims just really won't stay where you bend
them to anymore.

I don't know what's different, whether it's a material or construction but it used to be when you worked hard to curve a hat. it would finally stay and that doesn't really seem to be the case anymore.

Why? because of the quality of these melin hats.

That's why these hats are so expensive, something like Apple products.

If you ever heard about their moto >>>

"Melon with a clever name melon strives to relentlessly improve our products our process and ourselves this is our pursuit to create the finest-crafted headwear in the world." - Melin

This tells a lot of their products themselves, what they are looking for.

The fact that some Melin products cost up to $1200 and still sell out every year is a testament to its quality and constitution.

The Stinger, for example, is mostly created of full-grain bison leather around the front panel and the top visor. The inlay trim is made of stingray material.

The under visor is silky-smooth red suede complete with a built-in signature enamel seal that protects the suede from scuffing.

According to the Melin team itself, The Stinger is the “crown jewel” of their efforts to redefine what a hat is. This success in both market and patronage is the result of Brian and Corey’s quest to create a hat with no restrictions.

The production level for every piece is where Melin clearly stands out. The difference is apparent. With a focus on materials, details, and innovation, the results speak for themselves.

Every unique piece has to pass the test on all three aspects of production. These three design points are mandated to be covered in some form or way during evaluation.

The team, spearheaded by the dynamic duo of McDonell and Roth themselves, believes that they have been on track with their ethos all throughout their ventures.

why are melin hats so expensive
Image - dupontregistry.com

In the other hand, those normal melin hats cost $60 dollars.

Which is still crossing the line every time I step into lululemon clothes, I feel semi-violated but then I try on the clothes and I’m reminded of why they cost you an arm and leg.

The comfort fit and overall feel of lululemon make the price somewhat justifiable adding the fact if there are any defects to the clothing they either repair or replace them.

And it’s a no-brainer can we say the same thing about these melon hats? 

I first came across the melon hat on Facebook ads!! Those damn algorithms are kicking at the right place.

But what caught my eye wasn’t necessarily the style, I have seen plenty of sharp-looking hats on Instagram and on Facebook but they all had one fatal flaw after only one to two wearings of any hat that I’ve ever worn get this problem.

I can’t tell you how much money I have shelled out in my life buying cool hats that only get ruined after a week of sweating in them.

And let’s be honest with these melin hats, wash these hats really don’t remove the stains but it definitely ruins the fit of the hat so when I saw melons hat they claim that their hats are water and sweat resistant which means no ugly stains.

They have an antimicrobial triple quilted sweatband, so they won’t stink after you use them.

Once I heard that it was shut up and take my money!! Ohlolololo

When I went to the site and I saw the price man did I get some sticker shop $59 for a hat?

I held up a buy one.

Instead did, what any normal person does around the holidays ask their loved ones to buy them one as a gift my wife came through for me.

On Christmas morning I got to try one on for the very first time my first impression was that it looked good on my head it was light but it was a little snug the snapback gives you the chance to find the perfect fit for my head but maybe I’m in between sizes or maybe I just had to work it in the mold of the shape of my head.

Either way, it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me the other cool thing that I noticed was that the little key holder inside the front panel right here.

I didn’t ask for it but hey it works for me the real testing would come from me wearing it outside in the hot Florida sun I coach in this hat at least three hours a day outside and by the end of the coaching, I am covered in sweat.

I even wore this hat during my workouts it came with me on walks around the block with the baby as well so this thing took a beating over the last two weeks and you know what there really isn’t a mark on it man am I impressed.

Now I know what to ask for my birthday that’s coming up if you haven’t noticed I have no hair so wearing hats along with sunscreen is a must for me and if you’re like me you buy multiple hats throughout the year because sweat stains destroy them then this hat is for you.

Not only is the technology legit but they come in a bunch of different and cool-looking subtle styles that are right up your alley and they have a 90-day money-back guarantee that’s all. – Floch Fitness 

So, In conclusion, you are paying a high price for the quality, materials, features, durability, and service of the company.

Check out the Floch Fitness video below, If you want to know more about this hat.

Are melin hats worth the money?

I think after reading the above review and the video, you already know the answer to this question.

Yes, they are a bit pricy if you only look at the price tag, but heck yeah they are 100% worth the money.

What are melin hats made of?

In an interview with ShopEatSurf, they mentioned the following:

  1. An 88-point inspection process
  2. Each hat either comes with or has an optional add-on custom display or travel box.
  3. Our signature undervisor seal, which is a molded 3-D tab designed for your thumb to preserve your hat’s cleanliness and longevity
  4. Custom molded trim details
  5. Interior moisture-wicking lining
  6. A hidden besom stash pocket

The Melin Red Label Luxury >> is the top-tier and is the most excellent collection Melin has to offer. The majority of pieces sold in this collection cost at least $1000. Hats produced at this level are limited to only 30 pieces worldwide and use precious metals around the trims and American domestic jewels. Diamonds and sapphires are the usual trimmings Melin utilizes as ornaments.

Melin White Label Limited >> Products under this collection are premium and are carefully curated, costing around $280-$500. There are only approximately 300 per style, and materials focus on leather and high-grade fabrics.

The Melin TECH Category >> is the most affordable headwear collection in the company. It was coined from “Trans Element Capable Headwear” and usually costs $59-$150. These pieces have innovative features such as being H2O compatible, made with premium technical materials, and designed to repel water. They are strengthened with Ballistic Nylon taping and are provided a heavier construction thread to maximize value for customers.

Where to buy melin hats?

It’s very simple to buy melin hats online.

you can buy melin hats from their original store which you’ll get all their products every made.

And you want to buy from anywhere else you can buy from Amazon.com also, but you will not get every single products, which are available on the melin store, still there is plenty of offers.

You can check out on the link below if you want to buy melin hats.

Best melin hat alternative options

There are bunch of companies out there which can offers same quality and durability like melin hats do.

So it’s a no brainier to try melin hat alternative options as well.

Check out the below blog for more details>>

Final Thoughts

So, finally you got the answer of why are melin hats so expensive? and are melin hats worth the money? if you are planning to buy one.


It’s no surprise that the company Melin is all the rage.

There is a heavy emphasis on quality, detail, and constitution, this one-of-a-kind brand that caters to the uncharted headwear market is destined to reach new heights.

Through innovative and unique designs that serve form and function, there is no other way but up.

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