Best Cheap Ray-Ban Alternatives That Will Make You Look Stylish

by Rey Sagar

Have you ever seen the coolness of the janky folding stylish sunglasses when people go outside wearing them and fold them to keep in their pockets?

Then you look at your glasses and kind of wonder, I wish I can also buy those fancy glasses but you don’t have enough money to buy them.

No worries that’s the only reason you are here.

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You don’t have to pay the hefty price to buy those expensive ray bans glasses to look cool.

We have collected the best cheap ray ban alternatives which you can buy for your everyday use or maybe your next vacation.

One of the best things about these glasses is they are super cheap as compared to the original ray ban glasses which is super useful even if you lose one of them you don’t have to be panic when you could easily afford another at the fraction of the cost.

Before I talk about a cheaper alternative to ray ban glasses, that might help you can to look like the most popular vlogger Casey Neistat you have to keep in mind that these glasses are pretty much affordable for anyone who wants to use them on daily bases.

According to the price they are one of the best out there, but still, you can’t expect the ray bans quality materials on these glasses, for that you have to pay the extra price to buy original ray bans glasses.

Now let’s check out the list of best cheap ray ban alternatives sunglasses that you can buy without breaking your budget.

7 Best Cheap Ray Ban Alternatives Glasses

All of these glasses have different styles & different looks of them. as we are going to give you every type of ray ban substitute so you don’t have to worry about finding your best fit.

On the list, we are covering below variant of the best ray-ban knockoffs:

#1. Polarspex Men’s Sunglasses

This sunglass is hands down one of the most affordable options out there online where you can get the vibe of Rayban glass at the fraction of the price.

If you look at the design it pretty much looks similar, also the quality of the material is decent enough to hold your daily use.

best cheap ray ban alternative 300x240 1
Best cheap ray ban alternative


It comes with more than 30 color options so, why are you waiting? you can pick whichever you like according to the place you wanna wear.

Also If you want polarized glass while retaining the 80s retro feel at an affordable price, these are the sunglasses to get.

#2. WOODIES Walnut Wood Sunglasses

If you are looking for the ray ban wayfarer alternatives this glass is the way to go. This is a bit expensive glass as compared to the other glass on the list.

But trust me it’s totally worth the price. The unique thing about this glass is the natural walnut wood arms which look super cool and unique.

If you want bamboo packaging then you can also do that. these glasses come in 4 different variants if you are not interested in buying bamboo arms you can buy a normal black one.

ray ban wayfarer alternatives 300x240 1
Ray ban wayfarer alternatives


What’s included in the box?

  • Guitar pick,
  • Graphic design microfiber cloth,
  • Woodie’s sticker,
  • And silky-smooth tie sack for the glasses.

Just like the ray bans, it is professionally made, definitely on the same bar as Raybans! Someone who has a small head, might be worried about these wayfarers would look too big, but not to worry they’ll look great!

Definitely the ray ban new wayfarer alternatives that you can buy.

#3. AEVOGUE Polarized Sunglasses

This glass compliment the ray ban clubmaster alternatives, It has a great fashion design AEVOGUE sunglasses for skiing, golf, cycling, running, fishing, driving, biking, cricket, motorcycle, and all outdoor sports activities.

So if you are planning to go outside for sports stuff get this glass instead of the back-breaking ray ban clubmaster edition.

ray ban clubmaster alternatives 300x240 1
ray ban clubmaster alternatives


Different eyewear should bring you different emotions, and match your personality and lifestyle. End of the day —

The best doesn’t always mean the most expensive one – everyone has their own preference!

In last, They look almost identical until you get up close and really scrutinize them. These’re lighter than the Ray-bans too, which makes them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

#4. ARNETTE Men’s An4185 Slickster

Now, this glass is a bit on the expensive side but you’ll get what you pay for it right?

It’s very difficult to find the ray ban Justin alternative sunglasses, because of their rectangular design language.

Thankfully we found it for you which is still more than half the price that shares similar features and material quality.

ray ban justin alternative 300x240 1
ray ban justin alternative


These are great rectangular sunglasses and are not too big as the other styles.

I quite like the shape of the frames. I bought one of these myself to replace what, I believe, turned out to be some RayBan knock-offs (suggested by the low price and questionable construction).

The bottom line though is that you’ll get these for a decent price and would recommend them.

#5. SOJOS Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

Looking for the ray ban aviator alternatives, oh yay.

You are at the right place we got this for you at a fraction of the price. These complement the ray ban round metal alternative.

Unlike the other glass on the list, these are kind of fancy glasses which is perfect for parties and really looks good in formal clothes, especially for men.

ray ban aviator alternatives 300x240 1
ray ban aviator alternatives


They have an overabundance of many different colored lenses as well as different colored frames.

If your looking for any color I am positive your gonna find a few which makes it definitely a challenge to just pick one pair.

What’s included in a box?

Inside are the sunglasses which are wrapped in tissue paper for added protection. Included is a drawstring pouch, and a large lens cleaning cloth.

#6. SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses

Looking for sunglasses similar to ray-ban Erika? Then this glass is a no-brainer for you.

It is a super cheap ray ban Erika alternative, I mean it cost around $15 only, yes you heard it right as compared to the original ray ban Erika which cost $150-$200.

Hell no!!!

Better you buy 10 of these haha.

ray ban erika alternative 300x240 1
ray ban erika alternative


It comes with 21 color options which are totally insane.

Packing Includes:

  • 1 x Sunglasses
  • 1 x Glasses cloth
  • 1 x Glasses bag
  • 1 x Exquisite packaging

You can choose whichever you like according to your needs.

These vintage round sunglasses have a classic Retro style design, providing super coverage and UV protection.

Perfect choice for driving, shopping, vacation, and outdoor activities; as high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round, especially for shining summer and snowy winter.

#7. JIM HALO Retro Square Aviator Sunglasses

Last but not least ray ban caravan alternative which looks super cool. I love these glasses personally.

These look very stylish and perfect for formal clothes. Also has 3 colors for you: Green, Grey, Brown.

ray ban caravan alternative 300x240 1
ray ban caravan alternative


It comes with the UV400 protection feature.

Package Contain?

  • 1 * sunglasses
  • 1 * clean cloth
  • 1 * sunglasses bag

The material feels substantial and not like crappy plastic like many of the other amazon choices. Also, glass has almost no reflectiveness on the inside which is great.

Go for it if you are looking for the ray ban caravan alternative.

#Bonus. A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE Men’s Ax3029

Now, we completed the list already but I still want to recommend you one more glass for those who use Prescription Glasses but don’t want to break their budget.

Because we know ray ban prescription eyewear kick your budget hardly so why not try some other alternatives.

ray ban look alike prescription glasses
ray-ban look alike prescription glasses


Armani Exchange AX3029 is a Full Rim frame for Men, which is made of Propionate. This model features a Square shape, with a Saddle Bridge.

The Armani Exchange A/X optical frames feature lenses that can be replaced with prescription lenses so you can enjoy clear vision and protect your eyes from the sun while still being fashionable!

Each pair of Armani Exchange A/X optical glasses come with a cleaning cloth and case to clean and protect your eyeglass frames from scratches and damage

Note: They might make a weird sound when you put them on but they are just what you can expect from good glass.


So you got the list of women and men ray ban alternatives that you can buy without breaking your heart.

If you know any other alternatives you can punch in on the comment section below, We’ll be more than happy to check them out.

Lastly, if you have any friends who love wearing glasses all the time, you can do them a little favor by sharing this article, who knows they will thank you later.

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