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by Rey Sagar

Have you ever thought that opening an online trading account from home is cool? If you think so you are at the right place we are going to take you through the steps on how to open online trading account in Nepal as someone calls an online broker account in Nepal.

NEPSE now allows users to register their broker account/online trading account from home using their smartphone or computer.

There are so many reasons that you want to open the NEPSE account whether you want to do trading or buy shares and more importantly sell your share to someone else.

Because if you opened a Demat account or Mero share then yes, you can buy shares very easily but, if you want to sell it, you have to open the broker account first.

If you haven’t created a Demat account then you can check out our article where we went through all the steps one by one on how to create a Demat account.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to open NEPSE online trading system and online broker account opening in Nepal.

Nepal stock exchange has provided the facility to open these accounts online to the investor.

After reading the article you will be able to open a broker account online and NEPSE online trading system from home.

  • How to open NEPSE online trading system?
  • How to open online trading account in Nepal?
  • How to open broker account online Nepal?
  • How to fill up the KYC form for the broker account?
  • How to open TMS?

But before you open online share trading account in Nepal, we will give you the basic requirements and a general idea of the online trading account opening in nepal.

The online trading system being popular day by day in Nepal. And we all want to invest our money and play into the share market.

In previous years you have to reach out to the broker office to open an online trading account in Nepal, but NEPSE now allows us to apply for an online trading account after opening an online registration in 2020.

Before we go through the NEPSE let’s understand the Share market types first, Then you’ll get a better idea of it.

1. Primary Share Market

In the primary share market, the company will directly issue your shares and the good thing about this type of marketplace is, It has very low risk.

If you are just starting your share market journey, then this type of share market is good for you. Let’s see what you can see on the primary share market:

  • IPO(initial public offer)
  • FPO(further public issue)
  • Right and Bonus Share

2. Secondary Share Market

A secondary market is another share market where you can invest your money. It has high risk though, so before you consider this type of market you better learn all the necessary things about the share market first.

Now you understood the share market type that is available in Nepal, But before we tell you how to apply for the Online Broker account or a trading account you need some documents ready so you don’t have to worry while filling the form later on.

Let’s check out what documents you will need to open a NEPSE trading system in Nepal.

Documents Required to open NEPSE online trading system

  • ID Card (.pdf) 🆔 – Company or Student ID scan copy
  • Client Registration form KYC (.pdf) 📝 – Download From Nearer Broker Office Website
  • PHOTO (.jpg) 👨🏼‍🎓 – Passport Size
  • Citizenship Certificates (.pdf) 📰 – Nagarita

How to open online trading & broker account in Nepal with NEPSE

Online trading account opening in Nepal is not that difficult, you just have to go through the simple steps and your NEPSE online trading system will be ready.

We are going to tell you everything from start to end if you find any problem while doing this you can comment on the comment section below! We’ll be happy to help you if we can.

how to open broker account online in nepal

Now you have collected all the documents that you’ll need while opening the broker account, Let’s see step by step how to register your online trading account using NEPSE online.

  • Step 1: First open the browser whether It’s chrome, firefox, opera, or safari whichever you like.
  • Step 2: Find the nearer broker office from your location. You can do that by searching on google like Broker Office Near Me or Broker Office in Kathmandu, Butwal, Pokhara whichever place you live in.

    Because if you get any problem in future you can visit your broker office very easily and solve those problems, that’s why you should always choose your nearer office.

  • Step 3: Type on google Broker Office Near Me or Broker Office in Your Place Name, then you will get the list of your near broker office just like on the picture below.
  • Step 4: Then click on the website button whichever nearer office you found. I’ll choose the MIDAS just to show you the process.
  • Step 5: After the website will open and everyone might have a different broker office website open but the only thing you need is, You have to find the NEPSE login somewhere on the website to open broker account online Nepal.

    You will also see the Broker number of the NEPSE on the website. In this case, we have 21 broker number which was mention with the logo itself.

  • Step 6: After clicking on the NEPSE login you will get this type of login screen from NEPSE.

    You can see that the 21 number of the broker account and you might have different number according to the place that you choose. one thing to remember you can’t use this login for different broker offices, every broker office has a different number so be aware of that.

There will be the list of tms link of broker account in Nepal which you can also search on google if you want to know more about that.

You can find the PDF file on or you can click here to download the file.

tms list
  • Step 7: After opening the NEPSE login from your broker office website you can find the Register button just below the login button. Now, click on that button to register your NEPSE online trading system. 
how to open online trading account in nepal
  • Step 8: After clicking on the Register button, you will get the NEPSE Online Trading System Register screen where we have to fill all the required details. 
online broker account opening in nepal
  • Step 9: On the NEPSE Online Trading System Registration, you’ll first see the General Details you have to fill that properly.
  • Step 10: First is Client Type details where you will get 3 options Corporate, Individual and mutual funds choose according to your needs.

    If you are an induvial person then choose Individual and select online.

  • Step 11: After that select your member branch I will select Butwal because it’s nearer to my home but you might get different options so select whichever location nearer to you.
  • Step 12: Then fill up your Mobile Number and Email ID.

    PAN Number is not compulsory if your transaction is lower than 5 lack rupees but if you have, you can put that as well for the higher transaction in the future.

  • Step 13: After filling all the details, you can click on the Next Button.
Next Button
  • Step 14: After that, you’ll get the Individual details form.
  • Step 15: Fill in all the necessary details – Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name.
  • Step 16: After that scroll a little bit then you will see the other details as well. Put the Grandfather’s Name and select whether you are NRN(Non-resident Nepalese ) or not and then select whether you are Minor(A minor is a person who is still legally a child) or not.
  • Step 17: After that select your nationality, put your citizenship number(Nagarita Number), Issue Place, Issue Date.

    you will get those details on your Nagarita card.

  • Step 18: And select your marital status whether you are married or single.
Nepse Indivisual Form 2
  • Step 19: And then, select your financial details depending on your income level, How much you earn in one year.
  • Step 20: After that select yes or no whether you are involved in an investment company or not.

    I prefer you select no because you have to fill other details as well, if you say yes.

  • Step 21: And Click on the Next Button.
Nepse Indivisual Form 3
  • Step 22: After that, you will get the Address Details Form where you have to fill your permanent or temporary address details.
  • Step 23: Fill all the necessary details – Residence, State, District, Ward No, Municipality, Tole, and Click Next.
Address Details Form
  • Step 24: After Next you will get the Bank Details Form where you have to fill  your own bank account details.
  • Step 25: Fill all the necessary details – Bank Name, Branch, Account Type,

    (You have to select the Transactional option if you have saving account and if you have current account you can select current option)

  • Step 26: And then fill in your Account Number carefully and Click Next.
  • Step 27: After that, you will get the product Details section. You don’t have to do anything here just select products as a Cash N Carry and Order Types as a Limit Order, because you’ll get those options only and Click Next.
  • Step 28: After that, you will get the Depository Details Section where you have to fill in your Demat Number and if you don’t have your Demat Account you can check out this article on How to create a Demat Account.
  • Step 29: After filling the Demat Number click on the Next Button.
  • Step 30: And lastly we get the Documents Submissions Option where you’ll get 4 options – ID Card, Client Registration from KYC, Photo and Citizenship Certificate(Nagarita)

    You have to upload those files according to their recommended file extension like .jpg or .pdf and ID Card and Photo is not compulsory but if you have any you can upload it

    DISCLAIMER: If the document section is not opening or showing only one option don’t submit just by uploading one document, wait until it opens fully and shows all 4 options. If you fill your form in the morning it will be better for you to access the site because other times server gets much slower because of the large number of traffic on the website. Because we know online broker account opening in Nepal is available after 2020 since then people are doing a lot of registration online.

  • Step 31: You will get the Document Upload page when the site is fully loaded you can upload your documents one by one, and if you have a jpg file only you can convert your jpg file to a pdf file online from ⇒ Website.
  • Important Note: For the Client Registration form KYC you have to go to the website of whichever broker office that you’ve selected.
Download KYC

For Example, I selected a 21 number broker office which is MIDAS, I’ve to go to the MIDAS website then find a bunch of options over there, I have to download the MIDAS KYC Form(Individual Clients) and click on download the KYC form if you can’t find any download link you can go to the cyber they can download for you.

Download KYC 2

After that, print a form and fill all the necessary details manually by pen and you can scan that form and upload it on the Registration Form on NEPSE.

Download KYC 3
  • Step 32: After uploading all the documents click on the Submit Application.
Documents Form
  • Step 33: That’s it you have done, You have successfully submitted the form for the NEPSE Online trading account or Broker account from home. It will take 2-3 days to get your client username on your email address with the password reset link then you have to reset your password and you can use the NEPSE online trading system.

Hope you’ll be able to learn about – How to open broker account online in Nepal & How to open online trading account in Nepal,  and if you have any questions or want more article like this you can comment on the comment section below we’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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