best witchcraft books for beginners

7 Best Witchcraft Books For Beginners [Every New Reader Should-Read]

by Rey Sagar

Witchcraft, by many definitions, is usually shunned, made fun of, and mocked. Many times, it is also exaggerated.

For many witches, witchcraft is a hobby.

It is like drawing, carpeting, and singing, only instead of painting, we make spells.

So many people want to learn about witchcraft, in general, that’s why we made the list of the best witchcraft books for beginners to everyone, so you can learn how to do it.

Instead of carpeting, they light candles and enjoy the aroma. Instead of singing, well… actually they do still sing in some of their spells.

But usually, they chant though.

Now, let’s see some of the witchcraft books that you must read before jumping into the Wicca community.

Best Beginners Witchcraft Kits For You

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Top 7 Best witchcraft books for beginners

Before I give you some of the lists of traditional witchcraft books for beginners, let's see whether witchcraft is real or not?

From my own point of view:

Witchcraft is real. But real witchcraft is NOT the witchcraft you see in fiction.

Real witchcraft doesn’t break the laws of nature and isn’t instantaneous. It’s not like in the movies, which you might have seen in the past.

As to whether it’s “dangerous,” anything with real power is dangerous.

However, there are many other traditions of magic.

If you want to follow up on scientific research into magic, read 'Real Magic' by Dean Radin Ph.D.

He has been studying magic through a scientific lens for decades. In the book, he details rigorous research into various abilities which has yielded statistically significant results.

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1. The Complete Grimoire

This is a great introductory book for any person looking to explore practicing magic, divination, spell work, or pagan/Wicca practices.

If you are already practicing, this may not offer you a whole lot that you don’t already know, but it serves as a solid refresher course and/or a way to dip your toe into the pool of studies not already in your practice.

This book is more of an overview, that provides enough information to get you started in the right direction or spark your interest.

It covers a little bit of everything, from the origins and misconceptions about witchcraft and non-Christian deity worship to basic knowledge about everything from sacred herbs and tarot cards to runes, pendulums, and astrology.

A great starting place, or a — you guessed it — book to help you build out your own grimoire or book of shadows.

Best witchcraft books for beginners

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2. The Modern Guide to Witchcraft

Just like the first one, This book is perfect for those that are just starting in witchcraft or for people that are just researching or interested like me.

The book is divided into two parts.

Part I is an introduction to spell-/manifestation work that covers all the basics. It’s about 100 pages long.
Part II is made up of the spells categorized by topics.

This particular book is a great introduction to the practice of witchcraft it gives you a great general sense of what is it about, about the community, and the set of values, beliefs, and rituals it comprises.

If you are just about ready to get into magick but don’t know where to start I highly recommend this book as your starting point.

Modern witchcraft book for beginners

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3. Witchcraft for Beginners: 2 Books in 1

This is another 2 in 1 beginner’s book on witchcraft.

This book will build a strong foundation in witchcraft. It covers all of the basics. It goes over the bog celebrations when to cast which spells, how to cast spells, etc.

Of course, you will not be an expert after reading, but you will have a deeper understanding to build upon as a witch.

The author explains what each card in a deck of tarot cards is.

Also gives you simple spells you can do.

Even if you have no knowledge of witchcraft, don’t worry, Lisa Moon has created this collection to benefit both beginners and experts.

But even if you start from scratch, this is a real path that will lead to having theoretical, spiritual, and practical knowledge to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

So to start practicing witchcraft today and achieve your spiritual well-being, get this book now!

2 In 1 Book for Witchcraft Beginners

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4. Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

This is definitely a book to keep on your shelf for constant reference. There is so much information that it is hard to absorb for a beginner.

Keep in mind also it is based on Wicca. So not relevant in its entirety for those strict in that path.

This is just like a textbook – there are lesson quizzes, an index recommended reading lists, etc.

It gives you neat ideas to recreate traditional Wicca with your own flare to better suit your style. There is a ton of history involved and it’ll make you seriously question the Bible.

No matter your goals in learning about witchcraft, this book is a solid place to start. It is slanted towards developing a Wiccan foundation, but that’s not to say that non-Wiccans can’t benefit from it.

Good witchcraft books for beginners to expert

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5. The Door to Witchcraft

There are lots of beginner books on witchcraft, so you are assuming that this would just be a churn out of random information that you flip through once and that’s it.

But I honestly believe if you have any interest in the arcane, witchcraft, Magick, and the like, this would make a great first book to help you on your way.

The book was very concise and gave relevant information on everything from styles of witchcraft to correspondences.

Even though this is often covered in a primer-type book, this was written for anyone to understand without any extra fluff.

I appreciate that when it comes to arcane topics, as many authors can tend to be rather judgmental in that they relay their information in a “my way or it’s wrong” way.

The spells are tasteful and not cheesy like some books you might have come across.

Highly recommended for beginners.

Witchcraft book with modern art

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6. The Witch's Book of Self-Care

If you’d like to take (what is now considered to be) an unconventional approach to self-care, then this gives this work a gander.

She approaches self-care from a refreshingly frank viewpoint and cuts down negative misconceptions right from the beginning.

It’s not about “eating chocolates on the couch”, it’s about balancing your concrete, practical responsibilities with your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

She makes a wonderful point about how taking care of your responsibilities is in itself a form of self-care.

Anything that is good for you in some way, is self-care. And it’s not a dirty word!

Just an overall positive, beautiful read.

Best positive witchcraft books for beginners

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7. The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot

This is definitely a book to consider as a guide to beginning your Tarot journey!

It’s immersive but also simplified, you can learn the practice in a very easy, digestible manner.

Everything from the meanings of colors and numbers, the breakdown of the story of the Major Arcana, and even the meanings of reversed cards.

The information provided for each card is very thorough without using flowery words or going overboard in esoteric symbolism.

I think my only complaint is that it does focus on Wiccan beliefs (I believe the author is Wiccan so understandable) and she plugs her other books about 3-4 times in the text.

Although, even if you don’t identify as a witch, you will still get a lot of of this book.

If you’re a tarot enthusiast who has flirted with the thought of exploring witchcraft, I would highly recommend this book as a starting point.

Witchcraft book for your Tarot journey

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Final Thoughts

So you got the list of the best witchcraft books for beginners to everyone who wants to learn about witchcraft.

And if you are thinking about does witchcraft works? If yes, then do you have any experience with it?

My answer to that question is:

  • Sure. Intention works. Shifting your perception works.

Magic is consciously choosing how you want to see the world, which can almost literally change your reality.

You fond that when you set intentions for things to change in your life, you usually get what you want.

You can do a whole ritual with specific incense and appropriately colored candles, and it’s fun to do that because it feels cool and mystical, but you don’t have to.

If you don’t have the intention behind the spell, nothing’s going to change.

You have to want it to work.

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