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30+ Best Usborne Books For Babies [Help your child learn about the world]

by Rey Sagar

Newborns and toddlers are sponges that absorb practically everything in their surroundings. It’s true! Even during storytime, their minds are at work, taking in all the language they hear and lessons the characters learn.

Reading to your child — at any age — will boost their brain development, your bond, and many more things.

And all it takes few books, motivation, and a little time to do that, so why not?

That’s why we have collected the best Usborne books for babies and toddlers, which will help them to explore things in a better way.

So, Even though your baby can’t hold a book or sound out the letters of the alphabet, it’s not too soon to introduce your little one to the magic of books.

Reading is a skill that will serve your children well in school and in life.

Also, hearing books read aloud has benefits long before they show up for their first day of kindergarten.

Now, let’s check out the best Usborne books for newborns.

Best Usborne Books For Babies Of All Time

When you’re looking for books for your child, you need to not just consider the type of interests they have, but also their reading level.

If you find books that are too hard for them to tackle, they’ll lose interest quickly and it will add to their frustration, so there is no benefit of that.

How to determine reading levels for Usborne children's books:

  • Most children’s books have the reading level listed on the front or back cover, so check that out.
  • Look at how difficult the words are. If you’ve been listening to your child read, you should be able to tell if they’ll be able to handle it.
  • Use an app to help you determine the level. With apps, like Literacy Leveler, you just scan in the ISBN code on the book, and you can look up the reading level online.
  • Ask for recommendations from teachers, fellow parents, and most of the time librarians.
  • Use the Accelerated Reader website to find out the difficulty level of a book.

Now, you got the idea about how you will get to know which type of books that you can recommend to your babies, and here is the list of top Usborne books for babies from our side, that will be worth checking out.

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1. Our Favorite Usborne Books For You

It is well known, the most exciting and educational books are the top Usborne books for babies. However, the best Usborne books for learning to read must have to potent to satisfy children’s natural curiosities and interests. Even more, the best Usborne books for newborns should have colorful content, effortless lessons to observe & quality flaps to make them busy.

Considering all factors and the response of most parents revealing their favorite book, here are our top 10 best Usborne books of all time:

Our Top 10 Best Picks

2. Best Cloth Books For Babies

Usborne cloth books are excellent for young children because they’re soft, durable, and are fun to play with yet educational one.

The great thing about these soft books is that they have great tactile stimulus, soft & crazy pages. Even more, they have ribbons of different colors and different patterns that drive fun for your children to play with and feel and hold between their fingers.

The rhyming stories, they’re cute & they’re short so it doesn’t take a long time to read which is really nice when your child has a short attention span when they’re very young.  And that’s what makes these the best Usborne books for newborns and I would highly recommend investing in them.

3. Best Touchy Feely Books [Effortless Texture Learning]

Baby Touch books are great for babies to explore different textures. These books are really cool because you can use these pretty much from newborn to toddler years. There are so many different textures for them to experience, this also brings a lot of opportunities for discussion to discuss the different types of animals they are interested in.

It’s more than just the lesson, the pictures of animals it has finger trails for them to follow which is really important for them to learn about directionality going left to right.

Usborne nursery rhyme books are great for developing language because one of the very first things that your child pretty much how they start to develop language is by naming things so that’s what it is going to help your kids.

4. Best Nursery Rhymes Books [Keep Little Kids Busy]

If you have a baby shower coming up or, if you have a little one in your life, then the Usborne Nursery Rhymes books are a fantastic way to introduce your baby to nursery rhymes. All you got to do is just sing along and expose your child to these fantastic Nursery Rhymes!

Rhyming teaches children how language works often it helps them notice and work with the sounds within words.

When children are familiar with a nursery rhyme or rhyming book they learn to anticipate the rhyming word, this prepares them to make predictions when they read which is another important reading skill.

5. Best Books For Curious Toddlers [Activities To Learn Colors]

If you want something that’s a little bit more of a lesson you can do something like this, invest in the best Usborne color books. Several different preschool concepts, the basic colors are all covered with fun engaging characters and high contrast which is really really important to continue their interest levels.

They are just perfect to give your little one who’s just starting school.

It’s just a really fun way to do colors for the kids that have that fine motor skill development but it also helps them go further so yeah happy reading!

6. Best Usborne books for newborns [Puzzles]

These books are fabulous for children ages six to twelve, books double spread pages offer your kids a different kind of puzzle to solve. It’s just a fun way to exercise their minds.

All of the Usborne puzzle books listed below offer a different theme and a different story for your babies to have fun in the car, at a restaurant, weaving rainy days, spring break, summer break, etc. No-brainer, your child is going to love these activity books especially when traveling.

Puzzle books are good for your child’s mind and cognitive development.

And each page is worth of activities to keep your little ones busy in the doctor waiting room or in the back seat during the road trip.

7. Best Usborne books for learning to read

let’s talk about how you can teach your child to read. It is such a joy when our children start to learn to read. They learn their letters and they know their sounds and then they’re ready to begin reading. Usborne’s reading programs provide a supportive, collaborative style of learning, reading but if you are wondering which is the best usborne books for learning to read?

Here are some of the fantastic options that are worth investing in. These are of the smaller class, good for definitely on the younger end of learning. However, they include more complex lines for the grown-up to read and then some very simple lines over here for the child to read with you.

Final Verdict

When it comes to early literacy and tongue skills, both the quality and quantity of the words you speak to your child matter.

And the books provide an excellent opportunity to get talking, tell stories, and connect with your little one.

If you still don’t know exactly how to start, consider hitting up your local library and chatting with a librarian in the children’s department.

You can get more book suggestions, which you can take out for free, and sign up for events (like in-person or virtual story hours) that’ll get your whole family inspired to read.

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