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5 Best Parrot Training Books To Tech How To Talk [ Must-Have For Parrot Owners ]

by Rey Sagar

Ever wanted to teach a parrot how to talk and do a bunch of other things,

Then don’t worry we are here to give you the list of best parrot training books, that will teach you so many amazing tips & tricks to train and care for your parrot.

Parrot psychology although very trainable and intelligent. Parrots are a prey species and are naturally more cautious than predatory species such as dogs.

They often must be trained more slowly and carefully. But they’re eventually be taught many complicated tricks and behaviors, and they’ll remember for years.

Most of the time parrots learn what they hear most frequently, so watch out if someone is a potty mouth.

They can also learn to realize you are not pleased if they say something impolite.

The reality is that any Parrot can be toilet trained. No magic is required – only patience.

Now, let’s see some of the best parrot training books for your parrot.

Top 5 Best Parrot Training Books

Before I give you the list of best parrot training books let's talk a little about parrot physiology.

Just like training any animal, you need to understand the concept of operant conditioning and the 4 types of punishment/reinforcement and how/when to use these tools.

It depends on the behavior you are trying to train into your bird.

So, never fight against their instinct and you'll have great success, parrots love love love to learn new things!

It's a good way to enrich their lives and bond with their owner.

Now, it's time to check some of the best parrot training books for beginners and parrot owners like you.

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1. Parrots For Dummies

Rather than putting parrot training by Bonnie Munro Doane on the first, I’m giving this book a victory.

The main reason behind that is, It is the newest book on the list and also comes with modern tips and tricks.

Also, this is not only a parrot training book, this is an absolutely essential guide for every parrot owner.

It comes with a huge amount of worthwhile information about parrots and parrot companionship/ownership. This book will definitely provide you the answers that you should know.

In this book you will learn everything that every parrot owner should know like:

  • Choosing the right bird for you
  • Selecting avian accessories
  • Training, showing, and breeding
  • Making nutritious recipes
  • Understanding behaviors
  • Keeping parrots entertained
  • Remedying common illnesses
  • Parrot-proofing your home

All in all, a great book and highly recommended for parrot caring and training.

The best parrot training book

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2. Parrot Training

This book is another great alternative parrot training book that you can buy.

The book includes weaning, potty training, speech training, trick training, and most importantly: playing with your parrot!

It’s very fun to read, comes with great graphics.

At the end of the book is a how-to guide to getting your parrot to do tricks such as shaking hands, playing dead, etc.

The emphasis is on making “tricks” fun for you and the parrot.

There is also a large section on raising parrots from the egg if you want to grow them by birth, which is super useful for anyone breeding.

Worth checking out.

Best parrot training book for beginners

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3. The Perfectly Trained Parrot

This is a well-written easy to follow book for both new & experienced parrot owners.

All the methods and ideas are very easy to understand, and fun to read.

Rebecca not only provides hints, tips, step-by-step methods but also the SCIENCE behind the training.

It is super cool to know the different sides of parrot physiology.

Want to learn to train your parrot using the most positive, least intrusive methods? – This is one of the books for you.
Want to train NEW behaviors? – This is the book for you.
Want to CHANGE a behavior? – This is the book for you.

I happily recommend this book to everyone, who wants to train their parrot by themselves.

Parrot training book for new & experienced owners

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4. Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot

This book not only shows you how to train your parrot but mainly focuses on the behavior of your parrot.

It is essential to know more about your parrot.

This is one of the top five books on parrot from my side. Barron’s has put out really insightful information on this one.

This is a great book for those who want to learn more about their parrot.

You will learn how to play games with unsocialized birds, WHY behaviors occur, and how to solve those that should be solved.

It gives you a realistic point of view of bird owning.

Communication is the key to successful aviculture. This book helps a great deal with learning how to understand and properly communicate with your family bird.

It really is one of the most useful aviculture manuals ever written

Best Parrot book on Behaviors [3rd Edition]

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5. Clicker Training for Parrots and Other Birds

Unlike the other book, this is specifically designed for clicker training for parrots and other birds.

so if your main focus is clicker training then this book is a no-brainer.

It shows you how to clicker train with your birds.

You will learn how to teach your parrots basic obedience, but also just for fun exercises.

Clicker training is entertaining for birds and owners and enhances the bird-human relationship.

This book covers so many activities like:

  • Up, Down, Come, Let Go, Leave It, Go Away, Relaxation Exercises, Obstacle Course, Turning in a Circle, Loop de Loop, Nodding, Wiggling the Tail, How to Tame a Bird, etc.

Great book for parrot training with a clicker.

Parrot training book with clicker

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[Bonus] - Parrot Tricks

So our list is already completed but I still want to recommend you one more book.

This book is also focused on training but more on nature and learning the phycology of parrots, which is super fun to know what they are capable of.

With the help of this book, patience, and practice, you’ll build your understanding of and relationship with your bird as you build a repertoire of tricks. 

You can also teach some of the proffesional tv tricks with special props, which is very cool

Highly recommended book for everyone who wants to learn more about parrot mindset and know-how to train.

Parrot training book for beginners

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Final Advice

So you got the list of best parrot training books to train your parrot with positive support.


A few birds don't take to being petted as it's anything but distinctive behavior.

In any case, you can apply the norms of parrot training to build your bird's exposure of communication, as long as you work to understand your bird's character and non-verbal communication.

I hope, after reading these amazing parrot training books, you'll be able to figure out what you have to do with your type of parrot caring and training trades.

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