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12 Best Fake Currency Detector Machines With UV/MG/IR | Our Top Picks

by Rey Sagar

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A fake currency detector and counting machine is one of the most useful tools that defines whether your currency notes or coins are real or counterfeit.

These types of machines are mostly used in big organizations and you’ll gonna find them as kiosk stores, supermarket self-checkout machines, arcade gaming machines, laundromat machines, vehicle park ticket machines, automatic fare collection machines, public transport ticket machines, and vending machines.

The program involves testing out that currency,

First, you have to put your coin or notes into the fake currency checking machine and it will process the different experiments to check whether that inserted currency is counterfeit or not.

To check the perfect result and use that machine to detect fake money, It must be accurately programmed for each item to be acquired.

In standard explanation,

The basic terminology of the fake currency detection machine is, When you put the coin, note, or any bills into the fake money scanner, It will accept and allow you to collect it into the other side of the machine.

On the other side if it’s a fake currency the machine will not allow passing through, It will return your money right aways and It will be considered as rejected.

Paper currency detectors machines scan paper notes use UG/MV/IR technology to detect currency status.

The validator will inform the vending machine controller (VMC) or another host device of credit via a parallel or serial interface.

There are currently a few companies manufacturing this equipment.

In this article, we are going to give you the Best fake currency detector and counting machine list, so without more discussion let’s check that out:

Fake currency detector and counting machine [Our Top Picks]

Before we give you the list let's talk a little bit about Counterfeiting.

You might already hear about counterfeiting, and If you don't, then don't worry we'll help you to get there.

Counterfeiting is nothing but the act of illegally producing duplicates of a product, document, or money.

In general, counterfeiters are accused of creating these fake items at a low cost and selling them at a high value in order to make a profit in the future.

Will a currency detector can identify real bills from fake ones?

We have 3 types of currency detector machines out there:

  • Money counter with UV/MG/IR counterfeit detection
  • Pens or markers
  • Light magnetism detectors

For instance, some currencies use a magnetic ink that resonates at a specific frequency and can be tested with the use of an embedded magnetic head inside the fake money tester.

The normal detector is Pens/markers with an iodine solution which doesn’t react with the material used in real bills but will stain fake bills due to different material compositions which is still great enough features in terms of the size and price.

Modern currency detectors are mostly used to aimed at find counterfeit bills and It take the advantage of embedded security features intentionally placed in real bills, many of which are extremely difficult to replicate.

Most of the cake currency detector and counting machine use different tests, such as both embedded security tests and photoelectric sensors which helps to measure the dimensions of bills, in order to ensure that a full, valid bill is inserted.

Let’s see some of the best fake currency detection machine out there on the market.

1. Cassida 5520 UV/MG

This machine works really great It’s my top pick of fake currency detector and counting machine and It has most of the features that need to detect fake money. 

It is one of the best machine to detect fake money, checking bills new or old, dogeared and rumpled.

I have asked my friend who owns this machine and he says that He didn’t use all its functions, just the bill counting option & counting currency and it works great without any problem.

It was easy to clear and with restart option and you can use it for counting cash around 50,000 to 70,000 $ at a time. This machine is a great time saver with dependable accuracy.

2. Kolibri KCD-1000

This fake money scanner is a compact machine that works better than pen scanners.

It is really easy to use when you slide the bill correctly. It has a checker that utilizes UV, MG, IR, Size, and Double Note to detect any fake counterfeit bills.

It is really fast and pretty accurate too. If you have business and concerns about counterfeit bills and fake currency checking this might be a good choice for you.

The easy and bright UV light clearly shows the marked bill colors.

Note : Sometimes it can rejects bills, you have to try again making sure it is not inserted at an angle, flipping it over, or inserting in a different direction to make it accept the bill. This means if you have a stack of bills to count, it will take a long time so you have to insert one by one.

3. Dri Mark Flash Test Fake currency checking machine

Compare to the other machines this is a tiny fake currency detector and counting machine if you are looking for your small offices.

Dri Mark’s Flash Test gives results in less than a second on the ink sensor, enabling your frontline staff to make a quick, discreet decision in accepting the currency.

Further testing of a suspicious bill is available right on the same device with the watermark detector and the UV security stripe detector.

The Flash Test’s UV light quickly highlights the security stripe on genuine US currency. Additionally, the powerful LED will quickly reveal the presence — or absence — of the watermark that should appear in all genuine bills.

4. Dri Mark Dual Test fake money scanner

Dri Mark’s unique patented Dual Detector counterfeit pen and UV light is an instant and reliable way to check for counterfeit currency and protect your business.

They have 25+ Years of counterfeit detection experience in this business. This pen is Perfect for detecting “bleached” bills.

It is Strong, Compact, Simple. The UV Light is great for authenticating passports, credit cards, traveler’s checks, and drivers licenses.

This tine machine is designed for Small to Large businesses, their instant verification system is perfect for catching counterfeit items in any fast paced retail environment.

5. Royal Sovereign RCD-1000 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector

The Royal Sovereign RCD-1000 Ultraviolet fake money scanner provides a compact and portable counterfeit detection solution for businesses and organizations in the constant fight against fake bills and IDs.

The UV rays easily detect fake bills and ID cards by revealing fluorescent strips, dots, and other markings that are invisible to the naked eye.

The unit also comes with a UV detection guide for 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills that will show what markings to look for in authentic bills.

Its compact design allows it to fit in tight spaces and to be carried on the go.

6. Cassida 6600 UV/MG (1,400 Notes/Min)

Cassida 6600 is a professional fake currency detector and counting machine designed to tackle a wide variety of counting jobs.

It is Fast, accurate, and equipped with a host of smart features, it is a reliable all-around performer.

Cassida is perfect for business-grade cash counting machines, and no doubt as a fake currency checking machine you can rely on for all your professional money handling needs.

It has count, batch, and add + batch modes, making it the perfect choice for the all-around machine.

When a counterfeit is detected, the chain notes will stop the count, alert the user with a beep, and display the error on screen, also dispenses the suspect bill into its stacker for removal.

Pressing the start button continues the count and automatically deducts the counterfeit from the overall total.

7. AccuBANKER D450 Counterfeit fake money scanner

The AccuBANKER D450 Counterfeit Bill Scanner’s self-feeding detection system eliminates the need to visually inspect suspicious notes.

This automatic counterfeit detector checks for ultraviolet markings, magnetic ink, watermarks and infrared in less than 1 second per bill.

An audible and visual warning notifies the user if the bill passed or failed the test.

Great for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters and any other business where cash transactions take place.

For safety reasons, this product should only be operated with the power adapter supplied. If a replacement adapter is needed, refer to ASIN B07CWZ18YW.

8. Royal Sovereign Pocket Sized Counterfeit Bill Detector (RCD-UVP)

Khippus K605 Counterfeit Bill Detector for US Dollars provides a compact solution for businesses and organizations.

It scans constant fight against fake bills, scans the bills looking for UV(Ultraviolet), MG(Magnetic), IR(Infrared), also checks paper quality and size copy to verify if the currency meets all the security features that only the legal money can have.

The Khippus K605 is a digital fake currency detector and counting machine, that can accept US Dollars, identifies the denominations of the notes and show them in the LED display with the quantity and total value of the bills.

You can insert the currency in any direction which allows users to very fast and easy operation.

9. Dri Mark UV Pro UV Flashlight Fake money scanner

This powerful, yet compact ultraviolet flashlight has powerful UV LEDs to authenticate IDs, credit cards, and other official documents.

The UV Pro puts the power in the hands of front-line employees who need to make quick and accurate decisions regarding verification of identification, money, and more.

The compact size of the UV Pro ultraviolet flashlight makes it an ideal tool in high-volume venues that may lack the counter space required for other detection equipment.

The UV Pro can easily fit into a pocket, an apron, or a lanyard.

10. Royal Sovereign Counterfeit Bill Detector (RCD-UVP)

Royal Sovereign RCD-UVP ultraviolet fake currency checking machine easily detects fake bills and ids.

The unit also includes a bill detection guide. The ultraviolet light easily detects security threads on currency and holographic images on IDs.

The RCD-UVP is small enough to fit in your pocket which makes detecting counterfeit bills and IDs with a simple and quick process.

When presented with a questionable bill or ID, simply view the document through the viewing lens on the RCD-UVP and press the button on the side to activate the UV light.

Check for either the glowing security threads and/or holographic images on IDs to prove the bill or IDs authenticity. 

11. B$URE Portable fake currency detection machine

B$SURE is a portable and affordable alternative to counterfeit money pens and bulky fake currency checking machine.

The B$URE fraud fighter is battery operated and can be conveniently carried in a pocket, bag, or inside your cash register.

The B$URE currency Counterfeit Detector uses innovative Opto-Electronics technology to provide businesses with the most advanced fraud detection on the market.

It’s quick, easy, and always reliable.

This machine has good accuracy, and the results showed 100% true positives, and 0% false positives so you can rest assured that you’re only accepting legal bills.

12. AccuBANKER LED430 fake currency detector and counting machine

The LED430 fake money checker is great for banks, bars, gas stations, nightclubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and other large retail stores.

The LED430 is built with the most advanced LED technology, long-lasting super bright UV and white LEDs.

This compact and easy-to-use unit protects the user against counterfeit using five integrated detection methods: ultraviolet, magnetic, watermark and size.

These powerful tools are able to verify the security features on bills, credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, and other documents for all countries.

The benefit of using LED technology is the convenience of not having to replace bulbs unlike lamp detectors, which saves time and energy costs.

Bonous : Counterfeit fake money scanner - 5 Pack

Everyone loves bonuses, right? So we also have one more for you.

This is a small pen unlike the other big fake currency detector and counting machine but It just works great if you don’t want to use a big heavy machine.

You can put it in your pocket and use it at any time. It is also very cheap.

Jessica Review :

I don’t have any issues with them. I just hope they are really really accurate at detecting fake bills. So far I’ve not had a “fake” bill color appear when using these pens so that must be good I hope. The longevity of the pens are good as long as you make sure to keep the lid from coming off or not pushed all the way down (loose). The tip is just the right size to no complaints here.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Are money counting machines are 100% Accurate?

In this 21 century if anyone has huge number of money then manually counting money is not only slow, but also extremely inaccurate.

And yes that's why large organizations use currency detector and counting machine to get 100% accurate data.

The entire session takes tiny seconds to count huge amount of money, that is capable of counting thousands of bills per minute.

Do cash counting machines detect fake money?

Yes, Money counting machines can also detect counterfeit bills & fake money, If the machines has a features on it.

Most of the modern money counting machines can detect fake money, But still I recommend you to ask seller or know the product well before buying it.

Will my bank replace fake money?

Banks can replace fake money received by their customers, but they are unlikely to do so. It makes small difference where the counterfeit came from — a shop, an individual, or an ATM. Usually, you'll end up writing off the loss.


Last Thoughts

The evolution of currency counting and fake note detector machine is constant, as pretenders will gonna take different paths to come up with more and more complex ways to bypass security systems.

Some specialists accuse that these types of fake money scanner machines are increasing the potential of counterfeiting, making it advancement of detection systems a high priority for many nations.

Unfortunately, counterfeit money may never be put into contact with a currency detector.

Instead, it is used for cash transactions with merchants and vendors that desn't have the means to use a currency detector.

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