best tables for 3d printer desk and stand ideas

12 Best Tables For 3d Printers [Perfect Desk And Stand Ideas For Your Workflow]

by Rey Sagar

Ever tried to find the best tables for 3d printers to manage your workflow on the internet?

If you were in the situation, that you need a desk for 3d printer which you use on daily basis, then this blog is what you need right now.

After a bunch of research and reading so many reviews, also testing some products by ourselves, we are pretty confident that we can make the list of 3d printer table according to your needs and budget.

We have also included the 3d printer stand & 3d printer workstation, which you might also like, depending on your workflow.

So let us know in the comment section below if you find useful.

There are so many 3d printer table ideas out there on the market, and we choose only the tables for 3d printers for you.

Little Note: We haven’t used all the tables, so let us know if you have any good recommendation on the list.

12 Best Tables For 3d Printers [Desk and Stand Ideas]

Before we give you the list of desk for 3d printer, first make sure you know the side of your printers.

Otherwise, it might be difficult to choose which one fits your needs.

The one good thing that we've done while making the 3d printer table list, is we created a category for every single table that will help you decide which one to pick it up.

Now, let's see the best tables for 3d printers for your work.

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1. Fannova End Table

This end table by Fannova is a great looking small table to put pretty much anywhere it will fit. It is perfect for 3d printer stand.

It is built well, looks great, and doesn’t cost all that much either.

Build quality:
As per usual in cheap furniture, the shelves are made of particleboard and are covered in a nice-looking laminate.

If you look too closely, you can see the plastic-y nature of it, but when you’re at standing distance or just looking across the room, you wouldn’t really be able to tell that it’s not real wood.

This dark-wood piece of furniture looks really nice, with high quality metal bracing and even finish across the whole piece. I’m sure that most people would compliment it.

For only a bit over $50 this is a great bargain piece of furniture. It feels solid, is really easy to assemble and even includes the tools you need.

Highly recommend as a quality at the same time very cheap 3d printer stand for your workflow.

Mini 3d printer table with storage

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2. Printer Stand by HUANUO

This printer stand is an under desk stand that can save you space in your office with a cable management holder and a storage drawer.

This stand allows you to store your cables, extra toner, or paper with other supplies neatly and more tidily and out of sight.

The loading capacity of this printer stand could hold up to 38.5 lbs for each tier, which is suitable for most printer stands. You can put a printer on the upper layer, and a large amount of paper or office supplies on the bottom layer, a perfect solution for a printer stand.

The one great thing about this printer stand is, It has wheels that all independently swivel.

Four of the wheels have a locking mechanism, so you can place it wherever you would like and then securely lock the stand in place, so it does not move freely.

Lastly super cool feature, It also comes with the detachable & height adjustable feature, which is super handy in different situations.

Just wish they had more color options. But it’s still great, and very well-designed.

Best cheap 3d printer stand

cheap 3d printer stand
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3. VASAGLE BRYCE Serving Cart

This is a cute and small table for 3d printer, which has trolley storage where you can keep your printer papers or any other accessories.

It is made of durable particleboard, the surface of this trolley is water- and wear-resistant. The sturdy steel frame also ensures stability to hold up to 176 lb (ca. 80 kg), so you can easily place books, a laptop, and many other items on this shelf.

The table stand comes with the 3-tier serving trolley, that offers plenty of storage space while saving a lot of floor space.

It is not real wood, but the veneer is really nice, it’s even textured. So there are no complaints about the quality of materials.

It will take around 30 minutes to assemble the table for 1 person, which is not bad at all

3d printer table with storage Trolley

Our Ratings

4. DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock

The best thing about this desk setup is, It not only works as a 3d printer table, but also comes with so many drawers with lock system.

And if you want secure table with a bunch of storage option where you can put private papers and other accessories, this is by far the best option for you.

It features simple stylish appearance, and has 3 drawer metal file cabinet with lock fits under most desks to keep your workspace tidy and clean.

Also, equipped with 3 removable hanging bars, the filing cabinet can accommodate letter size, legal size and A4 hanging file folders through free combination.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a secure 3d printer desk with a bunch of storage options.

Best desk for 3d printer with lock system

Our Ratings

5. X-cosrack Deskside Printer Stand

This table is also perfectly fit for your 3d printers.

It comes with 1 drawers option and 2 more open storage cabinate that gives you a plenty of options to keep anything.

Three open shelves provide a good amount of space for printer, scanner, papers, documents, or other supplies for easy workflow.

And the drawer can be used to storage ink cartridge, calculators, notebooks, pens and other items to keep your desk neat and tidy that gives you a more comfortable working environment.

It can hold up to 300lbs, which is more than enough for any type of printers

Lastly, the one wheel is lockable to keep the cart in position, which is super handy.

3d printer stand with storage Drawer

Our Ratings

6. AKALAMA Printer Stand

This table is very different from other 3d printer table on this list, because of its unique design.

It comes with the layered design, where you can classify storage & increase the use of space to organize messy office supplies together.

And save office supplies occupying a large amount of office space.

The machine cart is equipped with 2 lockable wheels, so you can move it easily without having to lift it, thus saving energy and protecting the floor. And you just lock the wheels if you want it to stay where it is.

Scan, Copy, or print will be done when sitting at the desk as the scanner, copier, or 3d printer is placed on the stand next to you, which is super cool and time saving.

Unique 3d printer stand with Storage Shelf

Our Ratings

7. Safco Products Deskside Wire Machine Stand

Safco Deskside Wire Machine Stand keeps printers, scanners, and other office machinery off your desk, but within easy reach.

The two storage shelves offer ample room for storing paper, toner, and other office supplies.

The stand’s steel wire frame and laminate top provide exceptional stability and support, while the powder coat finish helps resist chipping and scratching for an extended professional appearance.

It comes with super useful four swivel wheels to allow smooth movement of this printer stand between offices, conference rooms and meeting areas.

Also has a two wheels lock to keep it from moving while in use.

Overall product dimensions: 24″W x 20″D x 27″H. Weight capacity: 200 lbs. (100 lbs. top; 50 lbs. each shelf).

Black 3d printer table

Our Ratings

8. FITUEYES Printer Stand

This small adjustable file printer cart is good for storing a 3d printer, scanner, copier, files, folders, letters, paper and other office supplies.

One great feature that this desk has an extra 6 small parts contained in the package can be inserted into the gaps of the back to prevent wobbling when moving this stand.

There are four wheels to move around whenever you want, and the two of which have brakes to make the stand moving and be fixed easily, just like the other 3d printer desk on this list.

This is like your basic Ikea 3्3 printer desk product in its construction.

If you’re familiar with the standard Ikea assembly process, it should be a piece of cake to put together. All the parts were there, well-labelled, with clear, simple instructions.

Also included an extra of each screw or peg.

Great printer table for the price.

3d printer table with door storage

Our Ratings

6. 55 Inch Brown Home Office Desk with 4-Tier Shelves

When you talk about this product it’s not an only printer desk but way more than that.

If you are looking to buy a whole working table setup for your home office or any other work, then this desk is a no-brainer.

Unlike the other 3d printer desk on this list, this is a heavy-duty desk setup which can hold bigger printers, including with a lot of accessories.

It has a unique design to keep thing very different from various angles.

It has a drilled holes and hooks, that will help you get more stylish ways for organizing or DIY your stylish desk.

If you have a bigger space, and you want an all-in-one solution, then get this one, but you only need a desk for your 3d printer then you can check out the other options on the list.

3d printer workstation and Multi-Purpose Table

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10. HOOBRO End Table

Now, this 3d printer table is small and compact.

It has a retro, yet trendy wooden board in rustic brown brings the brand new, fresh experience to your home & office.

The table is made of the black metal frame and wood. Where you’ll find out there are 2 drawers, and above the drawers there is an opening storage space.

All these differences and all these functions were meant to do its job better, to keep your things managed.

This is very versatile table, so you can put in the living room as side table, or a small coffee table, keep it as a printer table and many more.

Small table for 3d printer with 2 drawers

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11. LINSY HOME Side Table

This 3-Tier side table is made of sturdy metal for stable structure & has coated with veneer. Also, the particle board is water-resistant for long service life.

This black table stand is simple but stylish to decorate your house and perfect to hold as a 3d printer desk.

It has a 3-tier shelf to provide more display and storage space.

Apart from that, It comes with the 4 adjustable feet to protect floor from scratches, that can be adjusted slightly in case of uneven floor.

Nice & inexpensive 3d printer table.

Note: You can use this product as a side table on your living room as well.

3d printer stand with unique shelf

Our Ratings

12. Safco Products Muv Adjustable Printer Stand

This table stand is one my favorite desk for 3d printer and other type of work as well.

Sure, It is quite expensive, and you will gonna love it by seeing the quality of this product for sure. Also, this is a much bigger printer stand compared to the other standard 3d printer stand on this list.

Safco Muv Adjustable Printer Stand combines laminate and steel to create a long-lasting, hard-working office cart.

It comes with two middle shelves adjustable storage to accommodate printer heights and the side panels hide computer cables and cords for a clean, uncluttered presentation.

You can easily use this in a private office, collaborative space, library, or school to bring freedom into the way you store your printers.

This is the ultimate solution to keep your 3d printer along with the other printer storage.

Highly recommended for bigger 3d printers and large, more storage options.

My favoutire 3d printer stand

Our Ratings

Final Advice

Now you got the list of best tables for 3d printer desks and stand ideas for your workflow.

Now let's sum up the things that you should be aware of while using different type of tables on heavy 3d printers.

If you buy a solid, sturdy table that will not move as the printer heads travels back and forth.

I am a big believer in using the most rigid and strong table, which I mentioned on the list above.

You can also build, or repurposed with alterations, for holding machines that have significant motion.

A machine table should be rigid, fastened with glue and mechanical fasteners, cross-braced to prevent racking, and strong enough to overcome the momentum caused by the motion of the machine as it works.

So I don't recommend you to use glass tables if possible.

It’s not going to be heavy enough to crack the glass. But better safe yourself by putting on a sturdy, well-sized, decent-height table that you buy

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