Best Mid Century Room Divider Bookcase And Panels

12 Best Mid-Century Room Divider Bookcase & Panels For Everyone [Room Divider Ideas]

by Rey Sagar

Are you worried about messing up your rooms, apartments, studio, or offices with numerous amount of books all over the place and kind of thinking to manage greatly?

And you can’t also throw it out because you like reading every day and the number of books is increasing day by day.

Also, want to partition your rooms for some kind of reason without destroying the architecture?

A huge issue, right? Not Really,

We are here to list out the Best Mid Century Room Divider Bookcase And Panels, which you can use to make your place cleaner and more interesting by giving the modern mid-century look.

There are so many mid century modern room divider shelf out there on the internet, and we know you want the best possible mid-century room divider which has great value.

Also, get the job done properly, and It should be good in quality as well.

After plenty of research and watching so many reviews on the internet, we found these are some mid century modern room divider shelf, at least in our opinion.

Because we know you want to best, right? Which fits your budget and needs, that’s why, we have also created the category which is included on the subheadings, so that you can decide according to that.

Which is super handy, and you don’t have to think too much before buying it.

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12 Best mid century room divider [Everyone Must Have]

Now, before we give you the list of best mid century room divider shelves, we want you to know how we've made this list.

First, for the most, we didn't use all these mid century room divider panels which is kind of impossible to buy all of them, but greatly we've used some of them which turned out to be great.

And which we didn't use, we have done a good amount of research on internet weather reading reviews, watching videos or by just knowing about the good brand's.

So we can't say that everything will be going to be perfect for you, but we hope we can help you find the right product for your needs that will be plenty of good vibes for us.

Now let's check out our list of the best mid century modern bookcase room divider that every book lover must have.

List of Best Mid Century Room Divider Bookcase & Panels

Mid-century modernism is generally considered to have reached its peak around the midpoint of the 20th century, in roughly the mid – 1930s through the mid – 1960s — through its roots go back a bit further, and its influence still continues to be felt today.

The origins of mid-century modern architecture and design can be traced back to World War I, and the movement truly flourished after World War II.

These turbulent times led to enormous social and economic change all around the world. Mid-century modern aesthetics rose in reaction to this time of change, in many ways.

That’s why a lot of people love the design so much and want to buy it even today to get the vibes.

But before buying it: we recommend you to check your space, how you want to put it in.

Because sometimes you have to buy 2-3 mid-century room divider to stack side by side to cover all the space that you want to divide on the room.

So make sure to check that out first and order according to your needs.

Now it’s time to check our awesome list of the 12 best mid century room divider bookcase and panels that you must have in your rooms.

Rustic Geometric Bookshelf

Mid century modern room divider shelf

Here we gut the first vintage mid century room divider bookcase.

This shelf got the absolute 5-star rating just because this is 1 bookshelf with 2 different fits that means, This shelf also can be placed horizontally, which is a very flexible and versatile placement according to your home design.

It has a thick MDF panel with a beautiful walnut-colored faux wood laminate. All screws are a few millimeters below the panel’s surface to aesthetically blend with the whole piece of furniture.

You can use 2 of these to divide your room if you have a large space to split.

Winsome Wood William Storage

Mid century modern room divider panels

Unlike the first bookshelf room divider, this is only mid century modern screen room divider panel for instant privacy in your rooms.

The William Folding Screen is a 3-Panel all wood room divider finished in warm Walnut color with all wood framed.

It is finished on both sides, folds flat for storage and transport, which is great if you want to use as a temporary divider and keep It aside from time to time.

In this divider, you can’t put anything on the shelf because it doesn’t exist, so you can use this only as a photo display or room divider panel.

The screen comes with three panels with a size of 52.40″W x 0.80″D x 70″h. Which is plenty enough for your room privacy.

Bestier Mid Century Bookshelf

Mid century modern bookcase room divider

This display bookcase covered with faux walnut wood grain finish, perfect for your living room, bedroom, study, hallway, making it a striking bookcase unit in your room.

It comes with 7 ample cube spaces helps you to sort books, framed photos, potted plants, knickknacks, and other ornaments.

Just like the other bookcase on the list, this is also covered with wood grain melamine, which is easy to clean, waterproof and scratch-resistant.

The one great thing about this bookshelf is each shelf can hold up to 60 pounds (ca. 27 kg), and it’s still stable even full of books and decorative items.

GLSLAND 8 Panel Room Divider

8 panel mid century modern screen room divider

Unlike the other 4 or 6-panel room dividers, this comes with 8 panels, which is perfect for large space.

It is made with wood material design room dividers, 5.6 ft (1.71 m). Tall, that meets the most people’s requirements, and is enough to create or cut off a larger private space.

It is made up of 38 pieces of polished wood chips, which can fully ensure the privacy of the divided area, it also looks unique in design because of that.

It has double hinges, on each panel, which is strong and convenient for you to put it in two directions free and easily.

Lastly, the whole screen consists of 4 louvers designed panels with both sides of the screen are almost indistinguishable from each other, which means you can always see the front of the screen

DINZI LVJ 5-Tier Geometric Bookcase

Geometric mid century room divider bookcase

The great thing about this bookshelf is it comes with doors in the bottom.

The spacious 5 shelves with a cabinet not only creates roomy storage but also sorts books, toys, trinkets, and knickknacks to keep life in order.

The ventilated shutter doors are held closed with magnets for storing personal items, which hides debris to keep the room tidy.

The modern bookshelf features an anti-tip design, which comes with 2 wall anchors to prevent the bookcase from accidentally tipping over.

The S-shaped book rack adds a vintage yet stylish vibe to the home with a mid-century design.

SUPERJARE Triple Wide Bookshelf

Mid century room divider bookcase with 2 drawers

This bookshelf provides you with more space than a normal one can’t.

It comes with 12 open shelves and 2 bottom drawers, and each shelf can hold 5 to 15 books, which is great if you already have a bunch of books to keep.

The one major advantage over the other bookcase is, It also has 2 drawers at the bottom that you can put files and some odds and ends in.

If you don’t want to use it as a room divider, later on, you can fix the bookshelf to the wall by increasing the safety and stability of the bookshelf.

Esright 6 Panel Room Divider

6 Panel mid century modern screen room divider

This room divider comes with 6 panel screens also has 4 panel options available if you want to check that out as well.

It is perfect to separate small to large living spaces, which add more decorating options to your space, or just put it in the home as an oriental style ornament.

It comes with wooden frame foldable panels with dual two-way hinges for easy to fold in either direction.

This office divider is lightweight and completely foldable, so it’s easy to store without taking up much space.

The room divider is coated with water-based paint, and it’s still environmental protection also looks more beautiful.


Best mid century room divider bookcase

This bookcase is handcrafted using the finest quality solid rubberwood, that’s why it looks so stunning.

It is crafted from solid hardwood and combines a mid-century modern design with function. It features six shelves and a drawer, providing the ultimate solution for all your storage needs.

You can put anything on the drawers, unlike the standard bookshelf out there on the market.

The mid century room divider shelf unit has a spacious storage drawer that keeps your top clutter-free.

Also, Each well-designed piece has angled tapered legs, clean lines, and smooth beveled edges for more stability and better design.

Lastly, Every SIMPLIHOME product come with a 1-year warranty and easy returns if you are not satisfied

Kiera Grace kieragrace Austin Vance

Multicolored mid century modern screen room divider

The unique thing about this mid century room divider panels is it is not standard room divider but come with a mid-century abstract pattern.

Unlike the other room dividers on the list, it has only a 3-panel, which is great for small spaces.

It is very easy to clean, and you can fold it very easily without any problem.

So whether you need a separate eating space, a quick privacy screen for overnight guests, or office space, this folding screen makes it easy for you.


Walker Edison Secretary Hutch

Vintage mid century room divider bookcase

The features never stop unfolding with this multifunctional storage hutch.

It comes with 3 cubes, which are created in the upper open portion of the cabinet, along with three small wood drawers, so you can get on top of your organization game.

This modern storage cabinet can also function as a computer hub.

The central drawer has a drop-down front and cord management in the back, so you can create a home for your laptop where you can easily pull it out to use or tuck it away to charge.

At the Bottom of this library hutch, there are two doors with adjustable soft-close hinges for some closed storage options.

Lastly, It comes with 4 legs for better stability.

Ghanti Bells Antique Brown 4 Panel

Handcrafted mid century modern room divider panels

Each Ghanti Bells Wood Screen is carefully crafted and assembled by hand.

It uses a combination of mango wood and medium density fiber board.

Every screen panel is hand carved and hand polished with carvings on both sides making it even more useful.

The screen stands 72 inches (1.83 m) high, with 4 panels extending 80 inches (ca. 2 m) wide. And the screen is extremely sturdy and folds for easy storing.

Unlike the other standard room divider design, it has very traditional and unique design which will give you a different look on your rooms, apartments, or studio.


Metal & wood mid century room divider bookcase

So here we come into the last product on our list.

Now, this is not the all wood material mid-century bookcase, but greatly it combines the wood and metal design which is also awesome for design and stability.

You’ll absolutely enjoy this 4 tier bookshelf, which is a must-have for every bookworm.

Thanks to the simple design with modest, rustic accents, this bookcase is suitable for many purposes.

You can use it for plants and picture frames in the hallway or for files, storage boxes in your study, and more.


Final Thoughts

So, You have already got the list of best mid century room divider bookcase and panels with shelves for your home.

And if you find these products helpful, don't forget to share them with your friends who might need them as well, that will be a little gesture for them.

You can use these mid century room divider ideas wherever you want, It will help your room, studio, apartments, offices, and bedrooms to look more thoughtful, and It will be much safer to keep things overall.

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