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IMPORTANT : I’ve seen a lot of people over the years who have tried signing up for a get-rich-quick crypto scheme or a gambling scheme or “Hey, here’s how you kind of play poker online. None of these things ever work, sadly people always end up losing money, so better you don't.

1. Start A  YouTube Channel

There is no better time to make videos, especially after Jan 2023,  Google will roll out the new shorts monetization  feature officially,  where you can get 45%  revenue, which is crazy.

Mr. Beast turn down $1  billion dollars

Don't forget he is also a YouTuber & he thinks his channel is worth more than $10 billion dollars.


Do you know? Affiliate marketers make a 6-figure income every single month?  By just promoting products from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, & other big platforms like Impact, Clickbank, CJ, Shareasale, and many more.

2. Become  Affiliate Marketer

3. Start Blogging

I have nothing to say about this, as you are reading this story,  we are also bloggers and also you might have seen big websites that make millions every month, like Forbes & Business insider. Google just released this web-stories form of sharing information in short form media like Instagram reels  and YouTube shorts so hurry up guys.

If you have some talents which can provide value for others.  why not selling it? 

4. Selling Digital Products

Eg: Digital Arts, Designs, Templates,  Presets, Ebooks, iCon Packs, PDF Files, etc.

5. Selling Online Courses

Platforms: Udemy & Skillshare

If you know how to do something useful, just make a video & share it to the world.

Do you know this guy? The most popular podcaster  in the world.

6. Start A Podcast

Investor Andrew Wilkinson wrote in his blog that “Joe Rogan may be worth over a billion dollars even if he doesn’t realize it.” According to his calculations, he could easily earn up to $240 million per year!

7. Brand Sponsorships

If you have some followers on social platforms this is a no-brainer. If not you are losing easy money. You might have seen many YouTubers promote these brands 99% of the time. 1. Squarespace 2. Audible 3. Nord VPN 4. Wix 5. Storyblocks 6. Dashlane 7. Honey

That's How,  They make a lot of money depending on the subscribers they have.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE Here's  one lesson:

Feel free to steal ideas that you see every single day from family, friends, influencers, celebrities, or on the internet. Because eventually from those ideas you’ll be able to adapt your own style and evolve away from copying others.

read step by step  method of  how to actually,  make your first 6-figures below !!