is tubemate safe to install and download videos

Is TubeMate Safe To Use? Is It Legal To Download YouTube Videos? [3 Safe Download Sites]

by Rey Sagar

We all know that everyone loves to download videos as well as mp3 to listen to offline later on from different platforms, especially YouTube. 

Such a huge library of videos, movies, music, and more.

There are so many apps out there on the Internet, that you can use to do those tasks, and TubeMate is one of the most popular YouTube video downloaders on Android devices.

But we all know TubeMate is not found on Google Play Store, so a lot of people are kind of worried about whether is TubeMate safe to install or not? Is it legal to use? And lastly, is TubeMate harmful or brings any virus?

So In this article, we’ll talk about everything that you need to know about the TubeMate YouTube downloader app before using it, so you were fully aware of what you are doing.

If you don’t know, TubeMate is a multimedia app developed by Devian Studio.

Using this app, users will be able to download videos not just from YouTube, but also from several other websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more.

Now let’s talk about why this is one of the most popular YouTube video downloaders on android & why do people love this app so much?

Even though, it’s not on a Google Play Store.

Why Do People Love TubeMate So much?

Statistics show that TubeMate’s 750 million downloads beat YouTube Go regarding popularity in Oct 2018, and there is no surprise here.

Because, TubeMate YouTube Downloader lets you download videos from YouTube, sadly that only works on Android devices.

With this app, you can browse and download videos from the YouTube app.

TubeMate allows users to pause and resume a download process from where they left it.

A great thing about TubeMate is that you can download videos from Vimeo or Dailymotion and has a section where you can track all the videos downloaded or in the process of being downloaded.

There are some YouTube videos that you cannot download, so TubeMate uses an MP3 media converter, allowing the download of high-definition videos.

However, this all comes at a cost. The fact that TubeMate can download online videos means that the app goes against the TOS (terms of services) of many apps and websites, Google included.


TubeMate cannot be downloaded from the official Google Play Store, and all Android users who are interested in getting it are required to download it in the form of APK from the app’s official website or from another third-party trusted site.

This puts the question, is TubeMate safe to use, & is it legal?

Is TubeMate safe to use?

Yes, the TubeMate app is safe to use.

There are no reports of threats to user privacy as of now. The fact that it is not in Google Play is because it violates the terms of use, but it is safe.

You just need to download TubeMate from a trusted source, that’s all you need.

This app is 100% safe to use and download videos.

So, you don’t have to do research as “Is TubeMate safe to use or not?” from now.

Because TubeMate doesn’t install any malware or make any unwanted changes to people’s smartphones, and therefore, this categorizes TubeMate as a safe app.

To make things even better, downloading and installing the APK version of TubeMate is fairly simple.

The applications themselves quote: These apps can’t be used for commercial purpose and are to be used safely for private use. To be more simple, the client can download medias to play them only if they are to be used for private purpose. Its conditions prohibit the redistribution of those videos and medias, by methods for any channel, and clearly can’t be associated with any business exchanges.

Is TubeMate safe to install on android?

Several years now, there has been a great deal on the security of the devices.

Malware is becoming more widespread, and it is easier for viruses to enter our devices.

One of the advantages that the Google Play Store has is that, when downloading, it automatically performs a security analysis which is now used to call Google Play Protect.

But we know it’s not found on the play store, so is TubeMate safe to install on your device?

The answer is a bigYES.

Anyway, it is always better if you download the TubeMate YouTube Downloader app from trusted sites like APKMirror Malavida or UptoDown.

Because there is a team that is responsible for the security review and does not accept any application that may somehow violate the users’ security.

is tubemate safe to use

As far now, there is no user group or news of malware on the devices by downloading this application.

Just like the other apps such as Vidmate or Snaptube, similar to TubeMate, are also not available in the Google store.

So these alternative applications, among others, will not be in Google Play either, as they violate intellectual property rights.

That means it is totally safe to download TubeMate YouTube Downloader on your android devices.

It is safe as long as it is done from secure sites such as Uptodown or APKMirror.

And lastly, it is safe and legal to download videos from the application, what you get to do with them is up to you, but there, we enter the responsibility of users.

Nothing more than that…

Is TubeMate harmful or have any virus?

No, absolutely not, TubeMate is not harmful or doesn’t include any virus by itself.

Until now, there is no news about the distribution of malware or any kind of threat to the user’s privacy.

In fact, its installation doesn’t even involve the download of other unwanted apps, as happens in other apps cases.

However, the APK file is provided by a bunch of third-party websites, unless you download from trusted sites only which TubeMate mentioned on their own website.

So you don’t have to face an injected file with additional content — like the pop-up messages which you are likely to receive if you are on those websites.

Is TubeMate legal?

Now, you might be thinking about whether TubeMate is legal or not!

Yes, TubeMate is absolutely legal, & not prohibited.

From a section of the application, the developers warn that the downloaded videos are intended for personal use and enjoyment purposes only, but not for distribution or commercial use.

So any violation will lead to the terminal of the service.

So, please use TubeMate under the law of your country. You can check out their privacy policy to know more about this.

For now on, the answer is yes, It is legal to use without any problem!

Is TubeMate youtube downloader safe for downloading videos?

At this point, you already got the idea of whether is TubeMate safe to download videos or not.

But, I would like to just drop my fish in the pool again.

In my personal experience, I have used TubeMate for many years without any problems now I use Vidmate and TubeMate both from time to time.

We know the only reason it’s not on the play store (as I mentioned above) is that downloading YouTube videos is against Google’s policy and so, you need to sideload the app from their site.

is tubemate safe to install

But it doesn’t mean that these apps are harmful, or you can’t download them.

Yes, TubeMate YouTube downloader is safe to download any videos on YouTube, but you just have to make sure that you are using it for personal use only.

You can’t use it for commercial purposes or anything like that.

I would like to suggest Vidmate more than TubeMate which I use most of the time now, It has a much better UI and offers a better feature.

Why is TubeMate get banned from play store?

TubeMate enabled users to directly download YouTube videos on their smartphones. What made TubeMate better was the fact that you didn’t even have to watch the video to download it.

That means no ads, no more watch time, and no more time spent on the YouTube platform.

That’s the main cause TubeMate safety went down from the Google side.

The main cause, TubeMate down from the Play Store because Google wasn’t too happy with users downloading videos from YouTube.

Even though YouTube now allows users to download videos for offline viewing, So TubeMate getting banned isn’t that much of a problem anymore.

How to download & install TubeMate on Android devices?

Now, you already got the idea that you can’t download from Play Store, so where can I download the TubeMate APK file safely?

APK Stands for Android Package Kit.

  1. Turn of your phone, on the main screen, select your browser app, whether stock browser or chrome.
  2. Open the browser whichever you like.
  3. After opening the browser, you type into web browsing “” and select the downloading source on the screen like uptodown, APKMirror, or AndroidFreeware.
  4. Then you click on the “Download” button to download the app to your device.
  5. That’s it, then you can install the APK file after the download completes.

Final Thoughts

So you got the answer of is TubeMate safe to install on your android devices or not.

A lot of people are kind of worried about their privacy concerns, which is a good thing, especially if you are downloading apps from other platforms because the Google Play Store doesn't allow them to upload.

The good news is we have already given the trusted sites list above, where you can download these types of APK files without any problem.

Just make sure you download the right files from the right sources, otherwise, it might be harmful if you are not fully aware of it.

Disclaimer : This blog is written to support users to consider legal requirements and issues that may arise while using this application. The information provided is for general and educational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice for your individual circumstances.

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