Best Sissy Captions & Quotes for sissy boys

101+ Best Sissy Captions & Quotes For Sissy Boys [Feel Free To Copy]

by Rey Sagar

Sissy” (derived from sister), also sissy baby, sissy boy, sissy man, etc., is a pejorative term for a boy or man who is not traditionally masculine and shows possible signs of fragility.

Generally, sissy implies a lack of courage, strength, athleticism, coordination, testosterone, male libido, and Stoic calm, all of which have traditionally been associated with masculinity and considered important to the male role in Western society.

They are, approximately, the male converse of a tomboy (a girl with masculine traits or interests), but carries more strongly negative connotations.

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101+ Best Sissy Captions And Quotes For You

Here are the best sissy captions and quotes that I could ever find.

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Best Sissy Captions

  • Should I slap a c**boy hat on you and call you Sissy? — Roni Loren
  • I like to cross dress and I really wish, I could find a girl who likes it and thinks it’s hot. – Unknown
  • I get high in my heels. – Unknown
  • Be crazy, be weird, don’t care what anyone else thinks. – Unknown
  • People say that laughter is the best medicine. I think it’s yoga pants a guy can’t have too many. – Unknown
  • Effeminate is girly boy essence. – Unknown
  • Smile and let everyone know how much happier you are dressed as a girl. – Unknown
  • You might be a boy, but you were meant to SPARKLE. – Unknown
  • My motivation to be girly and fit, I refuse to be somebody’s fat ex-boyfriend. – Unknown
  • Yo-yo sissy boys are best. – Unknown
  • Boys can be strong and girly. – Unknown
  • Yes, I’m a little sissy with a cute smile on it. – unknown
  • Girly is satisfyingly delicious. – Unknown
  • Think, Train, Dress like a girl, Get girly, don’t quit. – Unknown
  • Hello, girly boys, I hope you have a ridiculously feminine day. – Unknown
  • Stay girly in your heart today, live in that soft-natured place of feminine love. This is your space of wholeness and well-being that is not affected by your boyish expectations in the world. Allow your feminine spirit to flow from its well-spring so that you may exude grace and love to all you encounter. – Unknown
  • Focus, the world desperately needs more girly boys like you. – Unknown
  • Be a better boy, that you belong in. – Unknown
  • Twinkle Twinkle little star sissy is my superstar. – Unknown
  • Girly boys are beautiful. – Unknown
Best sissy captions
  • Let the girl inside you take control! – Unknown
  • Be cute, be pretty, be sissy. – Unknown
  • Have you ever wanted to be a sissy housewife? – Unknown
  • Why do love being sissy so much? can you tell me, please!! – Unknown
  • You want to go outside in public dressed as a beautiful woman. – Unknown
  • You are more feminine than you think you are. – Unknown
  • I’m pretty with butterfly dresses. – Unknown
  • Wearing cute clothes is make me feel super pretty. – Unknown
  • Dressing as a woman makes my life complete. – Unknown
  • Do you want to wear some lipstick too, SISSy?
  • Enjoy being the type of girl you want to be. – Unknown
  • Yolo, living the best sissy life. – Unknwon
  • Imagine waking up and putting on a man’s shirt, that doesn’t belong to you. – Unknown
  • Your body is becoming her body. – Unknown
  • It started with your mother’s clothes, didn’t it, sissy? – Unknown
  • There’s absolutely no reason to stay male. – Unknown

Crazy Sissy Boy Captions

  • Sit like a lady all time, sissy. – Unknown
  • Sometimes I wish to be a cute princess, wearing cute pretty dresses. – Unknown
  • You can’t wait to become a girl. – Unknown
  • The clothes are just the start to express your femininity, feel yourself changing, enjoy being a woman. – Unknown
  • Your boss told you, you could dress how you liked on a casual day – so you did – Now all you hear is “miss” “she” and “her” — maybe every day could be casual day. – Unknown
  • You don’t have anything to be scared of – SHE IS YOU – Why not let her out? – Unknown
  • You’re not going crazy, The woman inside you kind of already is, trust her, men will love it. – Unknown
  • Let’s go for travel with a sissy group. – Unknown
  • It’s vacation time girl, leave your male self behind, she can handle it from here. – Unknown
  • You can’t hide your delicate nature forever, savor your womanhood. – Unknown
  • Your masculinity is fading away… Become a Woman. – Unknown
  • Embrace tenderness, embrace empathy, embrace sharing – embrace femininity. – Unknown
  • She’s the real you, admitting it is just getting easier. – Unknown
  • It’s time for sissy’s enjoyment. – Unknown
  • You don’t have to hide her away anymore, you know she’s there, she just needs a hand becoming the real you. – Unknown
Sissy life caption
  • Feel confident in your own femininity. – Unknown
  • You may have started life as a boy, but there is no denying you are all woman now. Dreams can come true. – Unknown
  • Don’t stop at wearing high heels, learn to live in high heels. – Unknown
  • Come out as a woman. – Unknown
  • Don’t deny yourself happiness, becoming a woman will be a dream come true. – Unknown
  • Dress like you’re going somewhere better. – Unknown
  • The feeling of wanting to be a girl is just so strong, I can’t stop her coming out. – Unknown
  • …. You would give everything you own to wake up as her tomorrow. – Unknown
  • Keep calm and be a girl. – Unknown
  • Hello, sissy – you are beautiful. – Unknown
  • Listen to girly music. – Unknown
  • Some of the best moments in your life, are the ones you can’t tell anyone about. – Unknown
  • I finally got tired of being manly. – Unknown
  • Don’t sell yourself short, You’re a fun guy when you’re girly. – Unknown
  • The femininity you seek–Is seeking you. – Unknown
  • I didn’t change, I became girly. – Unknown
  • A passionate girly boy is worth the DRAMA. – Unknown
  • Make girliness your – Passion. – Unknown
  • Keep life feminine. – Unknown
  • Girly boys are so sweet, every girl should have one. – Unknown
  • Be a little girly. – Unknown
  • Good morning to all my Beautiful unmanly friends. – Unknown
  • I love being girly in the fall. – Unknown

Great Sissy Brother Captions

  • My sissy brother, My hero then, My hero today, MY HERO TOMORROW.
  • So many of my smile begins with my sissy brother.
  • It is an honor to call you, sissy brother.
  • Sissy Brother, you are one-of-a-kind, and I’m lucky to be your sibling.
  • You are a rare species — my sissy brother.
  • Sissy Brother, you may not always get what you want, but knowing you, you always want what you get.
  • Sissy Brothers are like glue; they stick together and get your clothes.
  • Because I have a sissy brother, I’ll always have a friend to understand from my side.
  • My sissy brother is my local guardian.
  • When my sissy brother is on my side, then I don’t care.
  • My sissy brother is my heartbeat.
  • Nothing can stop me from loving my sissy brother.
  • Best brother, Sissy brother.

Funny & Loving Sissy Baby Captions

  • Caught! In a girly dresses.
  • Promises that every adorable regressed sissy baby girl would have a loving mommy to put her in pretty dresses.
  • Yes, my daddy is also a sissy baby girl.
  • Sissy Baby, don’t cry, you’re safe.
  • Don’t worry, sissy baby girl, you will find a wonderful mummy to change your very wet diapers and buy you pretty dresses.
  • Mommy, Sissy, Baby, & Me.
  • Because I’m a sissy baby, I can wear pretty dresses.
  • Hey doll, you are looking beautiful.
  • Becoming an adorable sissy baby girl is a gift.
  • Spirit of Rock’N Roll
  • You know what! Sissy baby loves pretty dress.
  • Awwww…
  • My queen, you look more beautiful. Welcome home, baby girl.
  • #LOL (Lots of Love)
  • Stop!! I may talk about your girl because I’m a sissy.
  • New cloth? Time to po**
  • That’s okay! As a sissy baby, you would benefit from feminism!
  • The CEO’s sissy baby.
  • How to keep a sissy baby happy? Get her pretty dresses.
  • Ululululu – My sissy baby. 
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star, do you know how loved sissy baby you are?
  • Sweetest little part of destiny.
  • My moon & my star – My Sissy Baby!
  • Cho choweet.
  • Your smile is all I need.
  • Let her sleep, for when she wakes up, she will move mountains.

Best Sissy Quotes Of All Time

  • I knew I was weird by the time I was four. I knew I wasn’t like other boys. I knew I was more fearful. I didn’t like the rough and tumble most boys were into. I knew I was a sissy. — Robert Crumb
  • Old age is no place for sissies. – Unknown
  • There’s no such thing as ‘sissy bounce.’ We don’t separate it here in New Orleans at all. It’s just bounce music. Just because I’m a gay artist, they don’t have to put it in a category or label it. – Big Freedia
  • It’s not sissy to show your feeling. – Unknown
  • What was really funny is that as I got older all those guys who called me a sissy in junior high school wanted me to be their best friend because they wanted to meet all the girls that I knew in figure skating. – Scott Hamilton
  • I cannot sissy thoughts, I need to become a real sissy to accept those thoughts. – nerd  brooke
  • Underneath that facade, I’m a terrified sissy, just like everybody else, but I never let it show. – Unknown
  • I’m gonna tell sissy, that I love her. – Unknown
  • Everybody who loves me calls me Sissy, so I guess that’s just who I am. When I’m 80, they’ll still be calling me Sissy. Oh, well, I guess there are worse things. – Sissy Spacek
  • We didn’t get where we are thanks to the sissy notion of resilience. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • My name sissy came because my brothers called me that. – Sissy Spacek
Best sissy quotes of all time
  • I thought Sissy Hickey should be really skinny and leathery and have one of those really husky voices, but Del Shores kept saying, “I wrote this part for you.” He took me to his house and showed me pictures of all his Texas relatives, and they looked exactly like my family. — Beth Grant
  • I do ‘sissy with a heart of gold’ really well. – Billy Porter
  • I was a very shy character, always feeling uncomfortable because everybody was stronger than I, and always afraid I would look like a sissy. Everybody else played baseball; everybody else did all kinds of athletic things. – Richard P. Feynman
  • Fields’ reply: He’d think I was a sissy. — W. C. Fields
  • I didn’t want to be the sissy figure skater, you know. – Quote Scott Hamilton
  • Just because I’m in favor of gay rights doesn’t mean that I’m gay or doesn’t mean I’m some kind of ‘sissy’ or something. That’s the language that you hear in locker rooms. – Scott Fujita
  • I am actually a big sissy, and growing up, I never used to watch horror movies. ‘Bambi’ gave me nightmares. – Danielle Panabaker
  • For me, I never really wanted to be in a ‘Sissy Spacek’ vehicle. That was not my intention. I got to be the ‘Everygirl.’ – Sissy Spacek
  • I was always a pretty theatrical kid, a draggy kid… a little sissy. I dressed up in my grandma’s heels and clothes… It’s always been in me. – Chad Michaels
  • Getting old is not for sissies. — Bette Davis
  • Any man who looks like a sissy while dancing is just a lousy dancer. — Gene Kelly
  • I don’t write music for sissy ears. — Charles Ives
  • When you’re singing, you’re using extra muscles, and it requires a lot of exercise and breathing. You can’t do that if you’re a sissy. If I have any fitness advice for people, I’d tell them to sing more. It’s good therapy, too. — Willie Nelson
  • Lose the chrome-plated sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock. — Tommy Lee Jones
  • Parenting is not for sissies, you have to sacrifice and grow up. – Jillian
  • I’m a huge Sissy Spacek fan. — Ellen Page
  • Ernest Hemingway did a great deal toward making the writer an acceptable public figure; obviously, he was no sissy. —  Irwin Shaw

Disclaimer : This blog is written to support sissies to consider what they are facing in daily lives. The information provided here is for general and educational purposes only. It is not intended to hurt anyone for your individual circumstances.

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