Top 10 Palmistry Books Of All Time

Top 10 Palmistry Books Of All Time [Learn Palm Reading From Beginners To Expert Level]

by Rey Sagar

Ever wondered how to read palm?

Then don’t worry, we have done plenty of research and asked some experts to find the best palmistry book list for you.

If you don’t know about Palmistry that much, let me give you a short explanation of it.

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, has its roots in India, China, and areas of ancient Israel, but it’s truly a worldwide art of understanding your life and of telling your fortune.

Most people have two hands; you just can’t start palm reading without knowing which hand to examine. That’s why most palm readers recommend you examine which one to pick before starting a reading.

So, as far I know, I really recommend that you spend some time looking at both hands but keep in mind you should always begin with the dominant hand.

Theories of the dominant hand:

  • There are some palmists who believe that all females should use the right hand as the dominant hand and that all males should refer to the left hand.
  • Another school of thought holds that the left hand shows your potential, while the right hand demonstrates what you’ve been able to accomplish with those potentials.
  • Still, others insist that your dominant hand is the one that you use to write and to complete most tasks, meaning that it represents your conscious mind, whereas your other hand is more demonstrative of your subconscious mind.


There is so many palm reading book out there on the market based on their own experience and knowledge, so it might be difficult to figure out which one fits you.

So we have listed out the palmology books in categories that will help you decide to pick one over another.

10 Best Palmistry Book Of All Time [Palm Reading Book]

In short, - Palm Reading is a magical circumstance, in which the lines on our palms occur to illustrate the small and big differences in our lives.

These lines are furthermore always forming, shifting, and disappearing.

Palm reading or Palmistry is an interesting art and science of clarifying the significance of these lines on your palms.

Our palms are possibly the vastly available parts of our body.

They depict numerous things:

  • beginning with their composition,
  • their color,
  • their uncertainty,
  • the fingers,
  • and their proportion and so on.

The research of Palmistry starts up here and moves on to the numerous lines on the palms.

Apart from these lines, there are numerous mounts on the hand, which stand for specific personalities.

best palm reading book for beginners

If you ask me which is the best palm reading book for beginners then there is no perfect answer but from my own experience and research.

Cheiro and William Benham are the best writers on palmistry, so that’s the good starting place.

I think Benham’s The Laws of Scientific Hand reading is the most comprehensive book on palmistry. Sometimes one or two chapters of a book are very good, but the rest isn’t(Like Science of Palmistry, Devacharya).

Cheiro has 4 or 5 books, more or less the same, among them Palmistry for All is freely available on Project Gutenberg.

Start with Palmistry for all or Language of the hand, then for advanced knowledge read Benham.

Another thing Benham’s book contains is both real-life and hand-drawn images, whereas Cheiro’s predominantly hand-drawn images.

Now, let’s see the top 10 best palmistry book to reading palm. Also, the other famous palmistry books out there on the market.

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1. Palm Reading for Beginners

Best palm reading book for beginners

So you are just starting out and don’t know here to start?

Then this book is an absolute way to go, especially for beginners.

I was really impressed by this book.

Webster goes into a lot of detail but is still really readable content on the book.

He’s a good, engaging writer who’s clearly very versed in the other literature of palmistry. But keep in mind you’ve to memorize so much to even do a rudimentary palm reading, if you wanted to adhere to the lore of it.

In this book, You’ll learn the meaning of the shape of the hand and all the lines.

You’ll be able to interpret the all the major and minor lines, the phalanges (sections of fingers) and the nine mounts on the palm. The book also shows how you can blend all the information into a coherent, inviting, and exciting reading.

So whether you want to learn your first method of divination or want to add to what you already know, this is a book you should study and use.

2. The Art and Science of Hand Reading

Best palmistry book ever

You’ll never read or seen such a wonderful book on hand reading, quite like this!

The guidance, techniques, and tips that are mentioned really do help and there is so much that one can use to configure the problem or idea about a person, actually any person!

Anyone interested in palmistry will be hard-pressed to find a book more thorough than this one. Classical planetary correspondences are melded with crisply defined pictures of hands, hands and more hands.


From broad general interpretations to the most minute details, mounds, lines, spacing, phalanges and much more are illustrated clearly, with Goldberg and Bergen helping the reader combine all the myriad parts into a clear and cohesive reading.


Well-written and well-designed, this book is a simply beautiful bible of palmistry. Highly recommended.” – The Witches’ Almanac, 

3. A Little Bit of Palmistry

Short & most famous palmistry books

This book is a very quick and easy to read book, giving you the right information you need about the subject.

Very good for first-timers.

Topics/chapters include:

  • The heart and headlines
  • The lines of life and fate or destiny
  • Subsidiary lines and other major areas of the palm
  • The mounts
  • The fingers and thumbs
  • The markings on the palms
  • Putting it all together: detailed palm reading

Each of these chapters is then broken down to detail the shapes of lines, mounts, digits, and markings and what their corresponding meanings are.

Eason writes as if she is leading an intimate friendly course on the subject and teaches in a step-by-step manner, encouraging practice along the way.

Shortest and one of the best palm reading book for beginners.

4. In Focus Palmistry

Personal palm reading book

“In Focus Palmistry: Your Personal Guide” Roberta Vernon gives a comprehensive review of what our hands are telling us.

Introduces readers to the ancient craft of reading hands to tell a person’s fortune.

From analyzing palms, fingers, fingerprints, mounts, and nails, learn how to discover the hidden strengths and weaknesses within yourself and others.

Chapters cover looking at hands; the fate line; the Apollo line or sun line; marks, colors, and warts; and skin ridge patterns. Includes an 18 x 24-inch wall chart for quick reference.

Highly recommended! Especially for your own personal use.

5. Palm Reading for Kids

Best palmistry book for kids

Well if you are looking to buy a palmology books for your kids then this book is a no-brainer.

This book is a kind of activity material for ages 8 and more, and a book for independent reading with the core vocabulary at 2nd-3rd grade level (US), or around reading level 4.

Here are the benefits of playing with this book:

  • It’s an activity that requires no toys, supplies, or guidance;
  • It will prompt kids to think about their own and their friends’ traits of character, behavior, and its consequences of a non-didactic angle — just exploring a mysterious ancient art rather than being told what behavior works and what doesn’t;
  • It can help a kid learn about the talents, careers, and achievements of family members and friends;
  • It will help kids develop critical thinking in distinguishing real expertise from charlatanism, and learn their family’s position on esoteric arts;

6. The Modern Palm Reader

Palm reading book for modern world

The Modern Palm Reader offers genuine palmistry expertise in a unique guidebook that is packaged with a deck of 25 cards.

Written by Johnny Fincham, an author and palm reading practitioner for decades, the fully illustrated guidebook provides a fascinating overview of this ancient practice and a detailed breakdown of the significance behind the shapes and lines of our hands.

The accompanying cards feature diagrams and quick-reference information to help facilitate the flow of a reading—no need to keep flipping through the book while looking at someone’s palm.

Learn how to interpret heart lines, lifelines, and fate lines, as well as other patterns on the palm (like the loop of sensitivity and the loop of leisure) and the revelations behind the characteristics of each finger.

Whether you want to learn palm reading as a tool for self-awareness or as a way to connect with others, this kit is stylish, accessible, and authoritative.

7. Palm Reading

Small best palm reading book for beginners

It has lots of info for such a small book, it’s beginner’s friendly and simple.

But despite that it doesn’t really go in depth, so if you want to learn more, I think you’ll have to search more books about this subject.

This book delves into the purposes of palm reading, the meanings of the major lines (life, love, etc.) but also discusses the meanings of fingerprints, fingertips, finger nails, finger shape, and more.

Due to the size, this book fits perfect in your pocket and is ideal for travel.

Palm Reading never claims that this ancient art can predict how much money you’ll make or how many children you’ll have, but it does contend that “your hand is a miniature map of the inner you.”


Each brief chapter–covering the hand, the fingers, and the lines of the palm–offers keys to unlocking the secrets held within your own hand.

8. Handful of Stars

Shortest palm reading book

This kit is so beautiful and a great introduction to palmistry. It’s easy to read and provides a history to palmistry as well. The author really did a wonderful job with this kit.

This is more than your average intro book.

This is a true guide to palmistry presented in a way that reaches the beginner and the advanced.

It comes with pages for your own prints, an easy wash ink pad, roller, and silver gel pen. If you can’t get to Atlanta go visit Helene in person this is a close second.

Her writing style feels like she’s speaking to you. A great party activity or personal growth addition (taking and analyzing prints over the years) family activity and more.

With the help of this book, Instead of just pulling cards, we get to read each other’s hands as well.

Informative and entertaining!

9. The Palm Reading Guide

Good palm reading book

This is also the book that is not for advanced palm reading. It’s basically for beginners.

It is well written, easy to read and understand, and ideal for the beginning of a great journey into palmistry.

If you already know a little bit about palm reading, you better pick The Art and Science of Hand Reading, which is the best palmistry book period.

What you can learn from this book?

  • Learn to use the techniques of modern mystics to open up a whole world of insight, for present reflection as well as foretelling
  • For thousands of years, learned figures such as Aristotle, Plato, and Caesar turned to the ancient art of palmistry
  • Uncover the meaning of the major lines and unlock the secrets of who you are in the present and who you will turn out to be

10. Palm Reading for Beginners

Beginners palmology books [Alternative]

So, we came to the last on our list.

This is the best palm reading book for beginners alternative for the first book on our list.

It is interesting and uncanny, to see how some aspects of my life are clearly indicated by my hand and finger shape, lines on my palm, etc.

Kenneth Lagerstrom writes a fascinating introduction to palmistry, starting with a history and later going step-by-step to clarify how different shapes, lines, scars, finger length, fingernails, etc. can “decode” issues in a person’s life or personality.

The book itself is beautiful, with lovely full-color illustrations and graphics throughout.

Part 3 is a step-by-step guide to reading for others, though the author clarifies that reading for others as a profession takes far more than an intro book to master.

The end of the book includes resources and references for those who may wish to delve further.

4 stars instead of 5: The large illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are very clear, but the smaller illustrations should include labeling as well.

Last Thoughts

Palm reading is a very language that falls in the category of occult science.

It shows you the possibility of your life, but ultimately the choice is yours, it gives a blueprint of your life that can help you make decisions and sometimes can give you relief with good future promises.

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to learn those skills by reading our list of the best palmistry book, only if you believe in palm reading and put in the work to get better every day.

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